Healthcare Marketing Services

Four Healthcare Marketing Services & Pricing Offered By

Effective Marketing Strategies and ROI Based Advertising For Doctors is Key to Your Online Success. Every Practice is Different. We Offer 4 Different Medical Marketing Services For Your Medical Clinic. 

Package 1 GOLD Service

GOLD Service  is a hosted service and you pay a subscription fee on a monthly basis. It includes, website, SEO services, account management, and HIPAA compliant apps. A project manager is assigned to your account, along with a team of graphic designers, WordPress experts, content writers, newsletter creators, SEO professionals, Google PPC and advertising professionals, data analyzers, performance optimizers, Google my business, Facebook and social media professionals PLUS our proprietary software and WordPress hosting. All apps and websites are run and managed by’s team and automated software services. Customer has very little involvement and we provide results and data driven dashboards. Account manager is assigned to your account and provides support and guidance. Most doctors and medical practices use the GOLD service. 

Typical pricing is $699 per month. More details on this page.

Package 2 PLATINUM Service

Customers who require additional help and have extreme competition, can be upgraded to PLATINUM service.  This is typically decided by your assigned Project Manager (PM).

Typical pricing is $1099 per month. More details on this page.

Package 3 SILVER Service

You can use our apps and advertising on your website, not created or managed by SEO and changes to your website are NOT included in this service. Basically we do not work on your website. However apps, marketing, advertising is included. 

Typical pricing is $499 per month.  More details on this page.

Package 4 CUSTOM

Designed for those customers who have specific needs and require step-by-step control of execution of the online marketing and advertising for their medical practices, hospital or large network of medical practices. 

Typical pricing is $50,000 to $100,000 one time setup fees for large websites.

For single location websites, typical pricing is $5000 to $9000 setup fees. This is one time setup. Monthly marketing and advertising costs are additional.  

Also note that actual cost of advertising is always extra, with any service. Some clinics/doctors are very aggressive and spend $1000 per day (or more) and some spend $1000 a month on advertising. We also have few clinics/doctors who do not spend any money on advertising.  Our data shows that proper advertising produces more patients for 99 percentage of the clinics/doctors.