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Medical Marketing Platform For Digital Agencies

Medical Marketing Platform For Digital Agencies – HIPAA Compliant has 3 programs for partners. Please select one and get in touch.

Every medical professional, medical clinic and doctor should have the help it needs to succeed on the web. Together, we can make it happen. If you are an agency, web developer or a business that sells services/products to healthcare medical clinics and doctors, then we should talk. We can help you grow your accounts.

There are over 2300 Medical Marketing Companies in USA. If you are one of these companies, we want to hear from you and work with you. Medical Marketing Companies Provide an Essential Service to Close to 974,000 Medical Physicians & Providers in USA.

Program no 1 – Partner Program for Digital Agencies

If you are focused on generating new patients for your customers – You would simply use the HIPAA compliant apps from and embed them into your customer’s websites using iframe code. Convert your customer’s Facebook business page to a lead generation engine, securely. We work with you only, not with your customers.  You will be provided with training and support for the apps.  There is a discounted schedule of fees for each location.  You must have at least 5 locations to start receiving the discounted pricing.

Program no 2 – Partner Program for Referrals

If you are focused on providing consulting, financial services, billing services and solutions to medical practices, clinics, physicians, doctors – We offer a generous payout for your referrals –  Please contact us below. Your referrals start at $500 per referral and increase with a residual component also.

Program no 3 – Partner Program for Sales Professionals

If you are focused on sales and have experience in sales to doctors and medical practices, we pay $500. to $1000 per referral. Please contact us below.  Click here to start referring right away. 

Provide Added Value to Medical Practices using Medical Marketing Platform

We have found that your medical customers are looking for 4 key result areas.’s 20 apps help with all 4 areas. We provide the technical platform, while you focus on the Advertising and Marketing to close to 974,000 Medical Physicians & Providers in USA. For top partners, we provide leads also.

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