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Dental Practice Marketing Examples

Dental Practice Marketing Examples

Owners of Dental Clinics and Other Medical Professionals Waste Marketing Dollars Every Month. But Top Dental Practices Have Found The Secret.

Owners of healthcare and dental practices waste marketing dollars every month as they try to figure out what strategies work best for their dental practice. A “trial and error” approach to finding the best marketing methods to promote your dental practice is not the most efficient way to find the best ways to grow your patient count. Instead of guessing what might work, come to We’ve worked with hundreds of successful customers and know what is working in today’s dental practice marketing environment and what is not. 

Dental practice marketing plan for physicians & medical practices is outlined here.   Our data shows that if you focus your medical marketing on important aspects of online digital presence, you will have excellent success. There are hundreds of activities you can be focusing on, however here are 8 proven areas and tactics to help your medical practice.

1. Google Local Listing for your dental practice

2. Google Maps, verified listing

3. Google Reviews rankings

4. Google Posts

5. Google Organic SEO results

6. Google Paid Search 

7. Advertising on Facebook 

8. Advertising on Instagram

Example 1 Google Local Listing for your dental practice

Let’s face it. Google dominates search. So most people don’t get past google’s first page of search results. It is essential to take advantage of this free resource from Google

There are 8 specific steps that you should follow and complete.  In the example figure below, you will see that a patient is searching for a specific service in Bloomington IL. There are many factors responsible for this specific Google Local SEO listing appearing no 1. Among these factors, these are the most important ones: But also keep in mind, if your website does not have a good quality score, the Google Local SEO will be negatively impacted. Basically a good website and good Google local business listing for your medical practice, they go hand-in-hand.

1) Completeness of the business information

2) Number of images present and uploaded to the business information profile

3) Correlation score of the business information profile and the actual website of this medical practice

Example 2 Google Maps, verified listing

Google maps is used by millions of patients every day. Billions of interactions happen on this app every day on mobile devices alone. 

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Example 3 Google reviews rankings

How Do I Get More Positive Google Reviews For My Clinic & Business? This Question Gets Asked Every Day By Healthcare Medical Business Owners!

78 Percent of patients searching for medical services consider online reviews before making an appointment with a medical services provider. Clinics & businesses who don’t have strong online customer reviews fall into one of two categories: the first being medical clinics who are actively working to get Google Reviews but do not have time to chase their customers; the second category is medical clinics that do not understand the power Google Reviews has on their online reputation and on the purchasing preferences of potential patients.’s campaign data shows that Positive Google Reviews are generating NEW CUSTOMERS for medical clinics and doctors.

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Example 4 Google posting app for dental practices

Google & Facebook Posting App For Healthcare Medical Practices & Dentists $199/mon. Included in GOLD-PLUS Package.

Content Based Posts – Based on Your Specialty.  Simple To Use. Setup & Content is Included.  Used by TOP Clinics Call (877) 548-4179.

5 Reasons Why Google Posts Increase Your SEO and Patient Acquisition

1.  Your healthcare medical or dental service is highlighted as a part of your search result on Google.

2.  Content created for your medical or dental specialty based on your services, is visible in addition to your SEO results.

3.  Patients look at your post which has been localized for EACH location and EACH Call-To-Action (CTA).

4.  Google Post Content has a clear Call-To-Action (CTA) to one of the following:  1) Book  2) Order 3) Shop 4)  Learn More 5) Sign Up 6) Get Offer – This is very powerful and leads direct conversion. Facebook Posts are focused on Patient Engagement – whereas Google Posts are focused on direct ROI and direct action from a future or current patient.

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Example 5 Google Organic SEO results

SEO For Dentists Can Cost from $350 to $800/month for a Single Location Medical Clinic. However It is Included in the GOLD Service.

The term “SEO” can have different meaning to different professionals, but we will assume that you are a doctor, physician, dentist, surgeon or an administrator of a practice. In very broad terms, you would like to acquire new patients for your practice, and engage existing patients. We also cover 8 specific steps for achieving great SEO for doctors.  Let’s face it, as a medical practice owner, it becomes difficult to learn technology and run your business at the same time, it is time consuming and takes you away from your core focus of taking care of your patients and running your medical practice. Hence it makes sense for you to look at a professional service like PatientGain’s GOLD service. More details are located here for the GOLD service.   

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Example 6 Google Paid Search

How do Google Adwords work? (Also known as Google PPC)

Google Adwords are a based on bidding algorithm developed by Google in early 2000 and is being constantly updated by Google. In the world of online advertising, it is considered to be the GOLD standard. Details of the algorithms are a highly guarded secret. However, Google provides insights and guidelines for marketing and advertising professionals.  Each search on google search may display “ads” in response to the search initiated by a user.  There are more than 200 factors that determine the placement of the ad by the bidding algorithm, however, generally, higher the bid price, the higher the display position ranking of the Ad. Another good feature of these ads is that you (bidder = doctor, clinic, practice)  only pay if a user clicks on your ads, hence the name ‘pay per click’ or PPC.  

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Example 7 Advertising on Facebook 

Unlike Google PPC ads where users are delivered healthcare ads based on information they’re seeking, Facebook ads interrupt a user’s news feed. When creating an audience for your healthcare ads, your aim is to group together people who are likely interested in what you do.

If you haven’t already, it’s especially helpful to define your ideal patient. If you’re a primary care physician, you may treat a wide range of patients ages 18 to 55, but an 18-year-old likely wouldn’t respond to the same ad that a 55-year-old would. Building Facebook audiences that align with your ideal patients can help you tailor your ad copy so they’re most effective. With Facebook advertising, you can also build audiences based on geographic location and even likes and interests.

You can also add a pixel to your dental website  in order to retarget your web visitors with your Facebook ads. The Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that you, your website engineer, or a Facebook Marketing Partner can paste into your website code. Presumably, someone who was browsing your website was interested in learning more about you and was looking for a doctor. By retargeting them with your ads on Facebook, you can stay top of mind.

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Example 8 Advertising on Instagram

Most Doctors Ask Us: Do I Need to Advertise? The Quick Answer is Yes, if You Want to Compete Online With Your Competitors.

As a practice manager, you have to focus on 1. Offline traditional advertising and 2. Internet online advertising.  As majority of the patients search for medical services online, healthcare advertising for doctors using the internet is on the rise.  We highly recommend online advertising for 99 percent of healthcare medical practices.   Our data shows consistent increase in patient count and overall business improvement. In some cases we have to stop online advertising for our customers (physicians & medical practice) reason : they could not handle the volume of new patients.

How Much Do Doctors Spend on Advertising?

The actual advertising budget for each clinic and practice is different. Some clinics/doctors are very aggressive and spend $1000 per day (or more) and some spend $1000 a month on advertising. We also have few clinics/doctors who do not spend any money on online advertising, they doctors rely on referrals and very strong SEO rankings. Also you have to understand that every practice area is different. For example for Medspa and plastic surgeons, it is next to impossible to be successful without proper online  advertising budget. The typical range is $3000 to $15000 per month,  with average budget of $6677 per practice in USA. Urgent cares in USA: The typical range is $1000 to $7000 per month,  spend on average spend $2600 per month per location.  However these are “average” locations with medium competition.  Primary care doctors spend $600 to $1300 per month, with an average monthly budget of $890 per month.  Pediatric practices: The typical range is $600 to $1600 per month,  spend on average spend $900 per month per location.  Sexual health practices: The typical range is $3000 to $8500 per month,  spend on average spend $4200 per month per location. Optometrist and Ophthalmologist practices: The typical range is $600 to $1500 per month,  spend on average spend $750 per month per location.  

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