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HIPAA WordPress Websites For Doctors Office

HIPAA Compliant WordPress Websites For Doctors Office 

Using WordPress software for your medical website is the best choice for healthcare providers and owners. At, we use WordPress as the basis for our website platform to provide you the best medical site possible. Our medical websites are based on “conversion” and all are A/B tested. 

Remember the the ultimate goal of your medical website is:

1. Build the brand of your medical practice

2. Attract more new patients – Also known as Medical Marketing

3. Serve existing patients  – Also known as Online Patient Engagement

4. Help your medical practice with more referrals – so other physicians and easily find you and send referrals, electronically (rather than manually)

5. Provide useful healthcare information to your local community

6. Assist your staff with patient interactions from the online medium


PatienGain uses WordPress websites software, and in addition provides and/or improves 11 additional important aspects of your medical website:

  1. Content of the website (our content team adds content)
  2. Structure of the website (A/B tested)
  3. Conversion technology and tactics embedded in the of website (Conversion focused website)
  4. SEO of the website (High ranking medical websites – contact us for examples)
  5. HIPAA compliance of the website (All data collected is secured in a HIPAA compliant CRM)
  6. Interactiveness of the website (Mobile, desktop,iPad)
  7. Connectivity of the website to your practice – like phone calls, appointments (6 connectivity apps are included in the GOLD service, including  Texting/SMS)
  8. Pages with specific information (Service based pages for top medical searches)
  9. Mobile optimizations of the website (Beyond mobile friendly, our sites are mobile optimized)
  10. Speech optimizations of the websites (Google’s BERT Algorithm is our SEO friend)
  11. ADA adherence of the website (Content and website software both offer ADA Adherence)

Below are some great reasons to consider using us to create your medical website on the WordPress platform.

No 1. You have choices. There Are Many Design Themes To Pick From

Do you have an idea of what your medical website should look like? Have you already determined the branding for your medical practice? Chances are, there is a theme on WordPress that will meet your needs. There is a cornucopia of themes available on this platform, many with medical practices in mind. Some themes have been specifically designed for certain healthcare areas and are already being sued with great success. We can help you find a theme and customize it for your purposes at your business. Some themes are free, but we’ve discovered paid themes offer the greatest options in terms of customization and are not outrageously priced.  For example, when you get started with the GOLD Service from PatientGain, we create 5 different designs for you. You select one and then we build your wordpress based website.  Once the website is built, then we add  high quality non-plagiarized content. We add 20+ apps to your wordpress website. Read more about GOLD service setup here.

No 2. Incredibly Strong & Widely Adopted Platform

According to a recent survey of websites where their content management system could be determined, over half of all sites on the internet use WordPress. Plus, over a quarter of the top 10 million websites on the internet use this system. The number of websites using WordPress grows every year, and it is one of the most widely adopted platforms today.

No 3. WordPress Will Not Become Obsolete Anytime Soon

Some website platforms that were popular ten years ago are no longer supported. Chances are if you made a website 15 years ago, it full of security holes and can not compete with today’s sites. WordPress will be around for years, if not decades, because of its wide adoption and supportive community. You do not have to worry about offloading your website onto another platform. WordPress will continue to be supported, strengthened, and new features will become available.

No 4. Platform Can Be Customized To Meet Your Needs

As mentioned before, WordPress and the themes available to you are customizable. At, we will work with you to determine the needs of your medical practice. With that information, we can customize your WordPress site to fit the role you want to play in your medical marketing plan. We have developed many apps that help with many aspects of your business, including patient engagement, lead generation, and reputation management. These apps can easily be applied to your website and plugged into your dashboard, allowing you to easily manage them without logging in and out of different software. We can show you what we’ve done for other clients and see how we’ve met their websites’ needs.

No 5. Building Out Your Website Is Easy & So Is Adding More Content 

Other website software platforms make it difficult to add more pages without disrupting the entire website. WordPress makes it very easy for us to add more pages of content to your medical website. Send us the content for the new service or treatment at your practice, and we will have it up quickly. The quick turn around time allows us to respond to your needs rapidly without needless delays.

No 6. WordPress’s Plug-in Are Top Notch (PatientGain offers embedded apps also)

In addition to the apps we develop at, there are many other plugins available through WordPress. A plugin is, in essence, a small program that adds more features to your medical website. It is called a “plugin” because it is ready to be used on your website without massive programming. When you plug in a lamp, you don’t need to make the cord, the prongs, and the electrical outlet. Everything is there, ready to go for you to plug it in.

We utilize a variety of HIPAA compliant apps  in addition to plugins. We are continually evaluating new plugins and see if they are stable, secure, and useful to use on a medical website. We are experienced in making sure all HIPAA guidelines are met.

No 7. WordPress Websites Are Easy To Operate

When other platforms breakdown or have a challenge, it can derail an entire web team. It may be days or weeks before a solution is found. With WordPress, there is hardly anything we can not overcome. It is reliable, and if something does breakdown, we can have it fixed relatively quickly most of the time. If your website goes down, it is because the entire WordPress ecosystem is having an issue. Your website will be down with over 50% of the internet, so rest assured that a fix will be coming quickly!

No 8. WordPress Is SEO Friendly & Can Boost Your Organic Rankings 

There are many check marks you need to check off if you want great medical SEO for your website. While content plays a significant role in it, so do many backend features of your site. These behind the scenes factors can be difficult to monitor, find, and improve. Fortunately, WordPress makes it easy to manage SEO with a variety of plugins. We use these plugins to help keep your website visible and improve overall organic rankings!

Some things WordPress is excellent at when it comes to SEO include:

• Excellent Navigation
• Easy To Generate SML Sitemap
• Fast Webpage Loading
• Optimization of Images
• Integration of Social Media
• Generally Great User Experience

No 9. WordPress Is A Secure Platform For Your Medical Website

With over a quarter of the top 10 million websites using WordPress for their site, this software is a frequent target of hackers. The WordPress team provides regular security updates, and we always apply those updates to your medical website. You may hear about a WordPress site being hacked, even from a competitor. Many of these hacks are the result of an owner not applying the latest security patches and updates or using a plugin that was not fully vetted. The team at applies updates as soon as they come out, and we never use a plugin if we suspect there is a security issue with it.

No 10. WordPress Is Mobile Friendly

Unlike other website platforms or custom made HTML sites, WordPress is built to be screen responsive. It supports all screen sizes and mobile devices. Many of the paid themes have been optimized to mobile devices, saving you time trying to figure out how to make your website look good on a mobile device. Being a mobile-friendly website also will help your overall organic rankings. Great mobile sites often get priority when it comes to organic listings on many search engines.

No 11. You Have A Team At Working On Your WordPress Website

WordPress allows there multiple users to work on a website at one time. This allows us at our to assign duties to our specialists to work on your website. SEO experts can work on that aspect of your website while our content writers can upload new pages to your site.

PatientGain offers you choices. 

  1. Custom WordPress based medical marketing websites (Read more here – Prices start at $4000 one time setup fee) 
  2. GOLD Service – Starting at $799/mon – Includes website, SEO, Project manager, 20+ apps, awesome support and great results.  Read more here. 

Regardless of which plan you pick, our wordpress websites are hosted on Google Cloud platform, on scalable servers.

  • Page caching performed by the server and tuned for WordPress.
  • WordPress-specific security rules.
  • Ability to purge site cache from the dashboard.
  • Detailed analytics including bandwidth, CDN usage and insights, cache HIT and MISS ratio, and performance data.
  • Staging environments and the ability to push staging to live and restore backups to staging.
  • Option to add your own New Relic key to dive into further debugging and optimization on your site.
  • Use our search and replace tool to make bulk updates on your site. (Ex. change HTTP URLs to HTTPS or update old shortcodes).

The power of WordPress’s platform is available when PatientGain works with you on your medical website. Tap into our years of experience with this powerful software, and let us help you grow your business! Call today and set up an appointment!