PPC Management Pricing For Healthcare

How Much Should You Pay For Professional Adwords PPC Management For Healthcare Clinics, Physicians & Doctors? 

Google AdWords Certified Companies Charge $300 to $700/mon for a Typical $2000 to $4000 Budget. In Addition There May Be Setup Fees & Long Term Contracts – Not Recommended.

We recommend Healthcare PPC Pricing For Doctors Physician should be 15% Flat Fee – without any setup fees and contracts.

There are many very good companies providing excellent PPC Management Services all across USA & Canada. As a medical professional, doctor, physician or an administrator of a medical practice, you know that there are 2 main types of advertising & markeing.

1. Online Medical Advertising 

2. Offline Traditional Medical Advertising 

Since offline advertising is on decline and most patients are now check online resources to find a physician, doctor or a medical service provider, online advertising for doctors is on the rise.  Google advertising based on Pay-Per-Click is very effective and our data shows that it is an excellent Return-On-Investment (ROI).  However, in order to run an effective campaign, you need detailed knowledge of Search-Engine algorithms, patient behaviour, and healthcare services.  Not to mention conversion websites, tracking of leads, and HIPAA compliance.

PPC Certifications For Google Adwords are Difficult

It is not easy to be a certified professional. For example let’s review the following chart below from Google Adwords Certification.

Certified Professionals Produce Better Results For Your Campaign

It is easy to be tempted to hire “general” PPC practitioner based on pricing alone.  But we would not recommend it.  Every day PatientGain.com receives inquiries from doctors, surgeons, medical practices and many other healthcare professionals, seeking to improve their campaigns. Majority of the time we are amazed at lack of attention to details to PPC campaigns.   This is one area, you should not try to save $100 to $200 per month.  Go with the leader who understands three import aspects:

  1. Detailed domain knowledge about healthcare 
  2. Certified PPC Staff – Adwords certifications
  3. Website conversion technology with HIPAA compliance 


Published Pricing From Good PPC Companies

The example 1 below outlines typical pricing from good companies. These companies have certified staff and support to help you.

Example 1 :  PPC Management Pricing For Doctors

Example 2 :  PPC Management Pricing For Doctors

Example 3 :  PPC Management Pricing For Doctors

Other Considerations for PPC Management Pricing For Doctors

You should also consider setup fees and length of the contract.  We recommend no setup fees and no long term contracts.

Some companies charge you a percentage of the fee. For example here is a typical setup : We recommend you pay less than these and get better service. 

Example 4 – Small practice with $1000-$1500 per month budget

Setup fee $350
Monthly fee $350 / month
Contract  12 months
Certifications Google Adwords Certified

Example 5 – Medium practice with $3000-$5000 per month budget

Setup fee $1000
Monthly fee $560 / month 14% of $4000 ad spend
Contract  12 months
Certifications Google Adwords Certified

Example 6 – Medium+ practice with $7000-$10000 per month budget

Setup fee $1000
Monthly fee $1,080 / month 12% of $9000 ad spend
Contract  12 months
Certifications Google Adwords Certified

4 Things to Avoid With PPC Management Companies

  1. Long Contracts
  2. Setup Fees
  3. Markup on Keywords 
  4. Hidden Charges

These are prices being paid by most medical practices for good companies.  Please contact us for more questions – PatientGain.com’s pricing is different. Online Advertising for Doctors is all we do. You can even check on Google and search for “Online Advertising for Doctors”  or  “Advertising for Doctors”  and see the SEO results.

PPC and SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization for doctors and medical clinics should not be confused with “Online Advertising”,  they are related but separate strategies for patient acquisition. For detailed SEO for Doctors page, please go here.

Impact of Medical Marketing on Physicians Earnings

Thousands of Physicians & Specialized Medical Practices struggle every day to fill their calendar with patients. Despite having a great location, a dedicated and professional medical staff, proper equipment, and hard earned certifications and qualifications, their daily patient counts aren’t where they’d like them to be. Many clinics don’t realize that what they are missing is online expertise and a sophisticated software solution to power their patient acquisition efforts. These days, your clinic’s strategy for generating new patients online has to be more than just having a good looking website.  Review of 162 online campaigns reveals that 72 percent of the patients are searching for medical services on a mobile device. Exactly the same test revealed that this number was 54 percent 12 months ago. PatientGain.com predicts that this number will be close to 90 percent in the next few years.  As a healthcare practitioner and a physician you are aware that average income of primary care physicians, while has increased in the last 6 years (possibly due to ObamaCare), and averaged $194,000 per year. But this should not be compared with “savvy” physicians, who are using online medical marketing software to increase the value of services they provide.  For savvy physicians, these numbers are significantly higher.  We wish you to be in the “savvy” category.

PatientGain.com is a certified premier google partner for healthcare.

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