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Medical Marketing EHR EMR Integration API Pricing

Medical Marketing EHR EMR Integration API Pricing Provides FREE Healthcare API Connector to Medical Practices in USA & Canada EHR/EMR connector is FREE and helps you import or integrate patient contact data securely from your EHR/EMR to system. Data from Patient Acquisition System can also be sent to EMR in real-time. Connector is HIPAA Compliant; all communication with your EMR is performed using HTTPS securely. Data is stored stored in secure US based servers and you can request a standard BAA upon activation of this feature. In addition to real-time, an Intelligent Auto-Loader is also provided. software is a web based HIPAA Compliant marketing software. When using the medical marketing integration connector, you will not need any custom programming.  Each practice must provide API access to its EHR/EMR software. staff facilitates this process.  Access to API can be used for one way pull of data or medical marketing integration connector can also send data to EHR/EMR (Bi-Directional Pull and Push)

Medical Marketing EHR EMR Integration
Medical Marketing EHR EMR Integration software definition of data sets:
This is very basic and standard integration:

Technical Implementation Requirements Connectivity Using HTTPS API
1. Rest API is provided by the EMR to PatientGain
2. Credentials and secure token is typically provided by the EMR provider.
3. Sandbox is desired but not required
4. PatientGain Provides BAA to the customer
5. API documentation is required
6. HTTPS is the protocol
7. Bi-Directional is supported for following PII
a. Patient First Name (CHAR) Required
b. Patient Last Name (CHAR) Required
c. Patient ID (CHAR) Optional
d. Patient Primary Email (CHAR) Optional
e. Patient Cell Phone (CHAR) Optional
f. Patient Land Line (CHAR) Optional
g. Patient DOB (DATE – YY/MM/DD) Optional
h. Patient Last Visit Date (DATE – YY/MM/DD) Optional
i. Patient Clinic Location Serviced (CHAR) Optional
j. Patient Opt-Out (CHAR – YES/NULL) Optional
k. Sending APP ID (CHAR) Optional
l. Sending APP Token (CHAR) Optional

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Practice Growth Platform HIPAA Compliant
Practice Growth Platform HIPAA Compliant