Customer Support For Software

For urgent  PR1 issues text us at (650) 398-0131 & open a ticket below

For non-urgent  PR2 issues text us at (650) 398-0131

Provide your website, your name and your CID 

Do you provide phone support? Yes we do – better yet – all your calls with our project manager (PM) are on Zoom web meetings. To maximize our efficiency, we don’t have a live support line. This allows us to answer questions based on your needs, Email and texting is available for all customers also. Scheduling a call also prevents the dreaded game of phone tag, where we leave you unhelpful messages that could be solved with a quick text. As a customer, you have the contact information of your PM. If you need assistance to reach your PM, click here. 

What if this is an urgent issue? See below.  All customers have an assigned project manager (PM) and a technical website staff (SAM). The support team works for your PM and provides support for your website, SEO content, apps, and performance of the overall system. You can contact your PM also. All customers can reach Customer Support multiple ways. For urgent  PR1 issues please call us at (650) 398-0131 for Support and open a ticket. For all issues that require tracking, please click “Open a New Ticket” below and open a ticket. Please note the following:

Priority 1: Means that your system is down – you cannot continue work.
Priority 2: Means that applications are not working as desired.
Priority 3: Means that you have an information request, account review request, billing issue or a change request.

To track the status of an existing issue, please click on “Check Status
To schedule your monthly Account Review, click here