Patient Gain FAQs & Learn More

PatientGain FAQs & Learn More platform offers Social Media, Mobile & Web based applications for online success for doctors & medical practices $699/Mon’s Application Platform consists of over 20 applications that make it very simple for clinics to run Online Ad Campaigns, Social Media apps, Sales & Marketing Campaigns, perform Patient Relationship Management (CRM), and manage their Conversion Web & Mobile site all from one simple dashboard. All applications work together and are completely integrated and automated. Website is free and provided as a free / no-cost with GOLD package.

GOLD package includes A/B tested Conversion Website, Integrated Contact Manager, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) & Data Driven Email Marketing. PPC and Targeted Online Advertising is also included in GOLD & PLATINUM Packages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ: What is is a software & medical marketing company. We are a patient growth HIPAA compliant platform for medical clinics. We service national medical clinic chains with 100 or more clinics and well as 1 location medical clinics from coast to coast. We love to help medical healthcare businesses become successful online.

FAQ: Do you help my clinic acquire new patients?

Online Advertising For Business Services & Products is a “must have” for any business.
Yes, and we are good at it. is a Google adwords certified company. We offer proven online advertising for your clinic. Using our platform, we also advertise your clinic on over 100 additional websites and search engines, including Maps, Places, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. We are experts in online advertising. Display & Re-Marketing advertising is also offered. Your advertising results are conveniently available in dashboards. Please contact us for sample results and example data.

FAQ: I have my own website and would like to keep it – how does it work?

You can keep your website and we will provide “embed code” so that apps can be used on your current site. We can also “move” your site to platform so you get full benefits of intelligent online platform. You can keep the look-and-feel of your website. We can also create a new design for your new Business Conversion Website. All websites come with awesome customer support and dedicated account manager. Any content created by you belongs to you. does not claim any ownership of your content.

FAQ: How much does it cost?

There are several packages available – They start from $699/mo and go to $4999/month. The most popular package is the GOLD package – please see pricing here. There is volume pricing available for franchises and multi-location businesses – please contact us.

FAQ: Can I track the phone leads and calls from my website?

Call tracking is included in GOLD and PLATINUM packages and can be added to other packages. There is volume pricing available for multiple call tracking numbers – please contact us .

FAQ: How is PatientGain Email Marketing different from others?

Email Marketing & Email Campaigns – Tap the unlimited potential of the email campaign manager.
There are many great email marketing programs available. email marketing is “DATA DRIVEN EMAIL MARKETING” and is totally integrated with your website, mobile site, and SMS Texting. It has features that convert regular email marketing into a lead generation engine for your prospects and a great retention tool for your existing customer base. Contact us so that we can walk you through drip campaigns, data-driven Email marketing, Conversion Email Marketing for Conversion Landing Pages, Facebook-like campaigns, 6 seasonal campaigns each year, Ready-To-Go newsletters, Auto-Send and much more.

FAQ: I have so many logins for online apps for my business – it is time consuming, how are you different?

Business owner is provided with a “Message Center” that allows the customer to view leads and other data typically replaces 4 to 8 vendors with a single platform so that you can focus on running your medical healthcare business. The Message Center and Dash Board provides a single place for business owners to check and receive email alerts and messages for your online business. For example, new leads, existing customer requests, online payments, email marketing data, Website traffic data, online appointments bookings, support requests, online webinar registrations, leads from Facebook, lists of all phone calls, contact manager, opportunity database, and many more. You can add multiple email addresses for alerts and inform your staff of all activity from the website – and a lot more. Call us for an example dashboard review.

FAQ: How is your Contact Manager & CRM different?

Contact Manager & Simple CRM – Easily add new leads, contacts & customers to your contact manager. Manage customer status, schedule appointments, tasks, and phone calls with important prospects and customers. Drill down to mine revenue from your prospect list. contact manager and CRM is HIPAA Compliant and totally integrated with your business conversion website, mobile site, social media, and SMS Texting. There are no integration headaches. Add new patient leads, contacts, and customers to contact manager. Manage customer status, schedule appointments, tasks, and phone calls with important prospects and customers. Drill down to mine revenue from your prospect list and easily import contacts and export contacts. Help is provided from our qualified team every business day. Check out live training every business day. Your CRM contacts, opportunity information and related data that you upload belongs to you, staff does not access any of your data.  We only look at your data to solve a problem associated with the system. All data is stored in USA data centers. All data stored is subject to USA jurisdiction and applicable laws. Access to your data may be made available to law enforcement authorities upon request and proper process.

FAQ: What happens to my data, my contacts? Is it mine? Can I export it?

All of your contacts are yours and all leads in your database belong to you. All contacts can be exported to Excel for easy export. In fact, auto-back-up is provided for many packages. Auto lists and list segmentation, list exports, list merge, suppression list and many other features are provided. Any content added by you belongs to you is yours. However, all applications that you use, as user, belong to If you use one of provided free websites with the GOLD package, you may copy any content added by you, however the websites provided to you while you are our customer cannot be copied. These websites have custom code, custom CSS, custom javascript and custom apps have been added to comply with HIPAA, apps are embedded for intelligence and web apps run on secure HIPAA compliant servers. provided websites can only run on service.

FAQ: I would like auto-responders on my website, do you offer this?

Auto-Responder App with Context & Intelligence Create auto response messages when customers contact you from your website. Provide prospects with the information they need in their decision process instantly. Program your communication in advance.

Auto-Responder App is included in all packages. For GOLD & PLATINUM packages you also get Auto-Responders with Context & Intelligence. These allow you to do a lot more than just a simple auto-responder.

FAQ: Can I get leads from Facebook?

Social Media Conversion Apps Today, your customers are likely to find you on Facebook and other social media apps. provides 5 apps to help you convert leads from social media.

SILVER, GOLD & PLATINUM Packages include five social media (Facebook) apps to help you capture leads from Facebook. In addition, your blogs, specials, promotions, feedback, and review apps are automatically in sync with your Business Conversion Website.

FAQ: Do you provide On-Line Payments?

Accept Online Payments On Your Website / Without Leaving Your Website Your customers want more convenience and options on how they pay you

There are multiple apps to accept online payments on your website. The payments are secure and the system tracks the payment for notification and adds the payee information to your dashboards.

FAQ: Is there a way to increase my clinic’s online reputation? Positive Google & Yelp Reviews?

Positive Reviews App is helping hundreds of clinics every day increase positive reviews on Google & Yelp. It can have a very positive results for your medical practice also. We find that Google Reviews is one of least expensive ways to attract new potential customers to your website. However, it requires effort and discipline on the part of the business owner.

The Positive Google and Yelp Reviews App is designed to get you positive reviews and minimize negative reviews. Having positive reviews on Google and Yelp can have a very positive results for your business. We find that Google Reviews are one of the least expensive ways to attract new potential customers to your website. However, it requires effort and discipline on the part of the business owner.’s Positive Google Review app helps you get Positive Reviews and minimizes negative reviews. We highly recommend you start with Google Reviews first – before getting ANY reviews or feedback or surveys on any other place. We have seen excellent results with Positive Reviews on Google and what it can do for a business. Manage your review requests in one place. See who has responded and who is unhappy about your services BEFORE they give you a bad review.

FAQ: We are interested in creating our own blog, how does it work?

Today, your customers want to hear about your business. Your own blog allows for you to share local news and information about your business. The Blogging App is provided with all packages. This app is completely integrated with Newsletter apps and is also connected to Facebook apps.

FAQ: Can we accept Online Appointments from Website?

Online Appointments App is available on your website or facebook business page. Allow your customers and prospects to schedule appointments with you conveniently right from your website.

The Online Appointments App is provided with all packages, you will simply need to setup the app. It has many features and the ability to send appointments to Gmail calendar. You have ability to send reminders and re-schedule requests.

 FAQ: Can we create custom landing pages?

Custom Landing Pages App + Create your own custom landing pages with unique URL & meta tags for better SEO
Custom Landing Pages can be easily created and design templates can be assigned to each new page for Call-To-Action (CTA). Each page can have a unique URL and meta-tags for traction.

FAQ: Can we create lead capture pages for eBook downloads?

EBook Lead Capture App + Create your own custom landing page with EBook down load call to action.
The EBook Lead Capture App is very simple to setup and use.

Each entry from the capture is stored in your database, and you are alerted when activity takes place. All information can be exported to Excel. All downloads can be further tied to Auto-Responders

FAQ: We are looking to use Promotions & Marketing apps to get new customers – Do you offer these?

Promotions & Specials Conversion App + Create your own custom promotions and the website and drive traffic to your business
Promotions & Specials Conversion Apps are included in all packages. GOLD & PLATINUM packages have additional features and increased tracking capabilities. Time-based promotions and automatic updates of Facebook are included in GOLD & PLATINUM.

FAQ: Any Referral Marketing or Loyalty apps?

Referral Apps + Create your own custom referral page to capture referrals, store them in your leads database, follow up and close sales
There are several Referral & Loyalty Apps for GOLD & PLATINUM packages. Please contact us so that we can share with you how referral apps work and how how you can get more leads from your existing customer base.

FAQ: Can I send SMS/TEXT Messages?

SMS/TEXT messages app can be added to your package. There are many applications for SMS/TEXT in the system. It can used to alert you when a lead is generated from your Website, Email, Facebook, Phone calls etc . Appointment confirmations can also be used for this application.  Please contact us for more details.

Several other features … adds additional features to its platform for its customers – as these features are made available, you will see them in your package. To compare all packages – please see this page .

To see real customer examples, please contact us.