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Dental Practice Website Marketing: How to Get Started

Dental Practice Website Marketing: How To Get Started

Designed For Busy Dentists and Dental Practice Managers. Costs $799 /mon. Easy Start.  GOLD service for dental practices has excellent success rate

In this example, we assume that you do not have a website or it’s non useable. First, divide the entire process into 4 phases. 

Phase 1: Build of website

A. Design of the website, colors, logo selection

B. Content and agreement on key services to high-light. 

C. Approval of the draft, and feedback to development team.

D. Content approval, domain setup, access to domain, content addition.

E. Final review before go live. 

F. Website setup on final domain. 

G. Training of staff – How to login to performance dashboards

H. Go-Live 

Phase 2: Website is live

A. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes a long time. However this process is important for the long term success of your dental practice.

B. Website is live, set up an advertising budget with your PatientGain team.  Every dental practice should have an advertising budget. Ads can be displayed on Google, Facebook and/or Instagram. There are hundreds of additional ways to spend your advertising dollars. However, it is wise to start with Google first. 

C. Setup of social media. Google MyBusiness, Facebook and Instagram are very important. In certain cases Yelp is also good. There are 10 very good websites for your practice. You should be listed on all of these.

D. Login to the performance dashboard and click on “Approvals”.  This section has posts for Facebook, Instagram and Google, ready fro your approvals. Once you click on “approve” only then, the content is pushed to your social media. 

E. Approve your monthly Email campaigns, and check for any leads. Clcik on leads-funnel to see all incoming leads. 

F. Approve your setting for sending reputation management requests. This can be done manually or automatically. You can also setup review requests using 3 different methods 1) I-Pad in lobby  2) Texting/SMS  3) Email. 

Phase 3: Review monthly performance

A. Every month, meet with your PatientGain project manager. 

B. PatientGain project manager goes over 8 specific items with you. 1) SEO rankings  2) Advertsing performance  3) Inbound new phone calls  4) Texting/SMS  inquiries  5) Chat*Bot inquiries  6) Appointments  7) Contact Us 8) Promotions

C. PatientGain project manager will also cover your specific plans of promotions for the next month.  

Phase 4: Optimization and Expansion

As you work with PatientGain Dental Marketing GOLD Service, we will also constantly look to improve your results.  New apps are being developed and added throughout the year.  SEO content is also added for your services on on-going basis.  

Case study : Medium high competition area.

This practice has been in existence for 6 years. They have gone through 3 marketing companies.

Month 2 of GOLD service – 154 new patient inquires.

Month 2  of GOLD service - 154 new patient inquires

Month 14 of GOLD service – 368 new patient inquires.

Month 14 of GOLD service - 368 new patient inquires

Month 25 of GOLD service – 973 new patient inquires.

Month 25 of GOLD service - 973 new patient inquires

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