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Smart Mobile Messenger App

Easy Mobile Medical Marketing Using SMM App From PatientGain

82 Percentage of patients visit your website using mobile devices, like iPhone. By adding SMM App from PatientGain increase your conversions by 3 to 6 percentage. 

What is the SMM app?

It is a way for potential patients to reach out to you from your website, (mobile or full site) using a “text message” through our PatientGain dashboard. This app allows patients to communicate with your practice through their mobile device (as 82% of people utilize their mobile devices when searching on the web)

What are the benefits of the SMM app?

There are many benefits to this app. The most notable benefit is that it allows convenient and immediate communication between your potential patients and your practice, increasing your conversions. This app also allows you to capture the information from the potential patient that is reaching out and save the information into your CRM (provided) dashboard so that you are then able to send them email marketing campaigns in the future, and ofcourse send them SMS/Text messages.

How will I access the SMS messages that come in?

You will be able to access and reply to the SMS messages that come in by logging into your secure dashboard and clicking on the “SMM Messaging” app on your home message center and then responding accordingly!

What does the SMM app look like on my website?

Here is an example of what the SMS app will look like on your website. Until the patient clicks on the “Send Us a Text (SMS)” the fillable information form will be minimized at the bottom of the screen.