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Advertising Campaigns for Doctors

How to Set Up Google Advertising Campaigns for Doctors

Your paid advertising campaign is specifically set up for each of your location(s). It involves many steps to develop a customized campaign according to your medical services and your desired needs and ROI

8 Steps for setting up a medical advertising campaign.

Step 1: Your dedicated project manager works closely with our in-house advertising PPC Adwords Certified staff member(s). We specifically look at your competition and who else is offering similar services, similar campaigns, analyze the market and make strategies to build your campaign in an effective way. Our PPC Expert, social media advertising staff, starts the setup of your campaign to target the audience. We look at time of the day and conversion data available to us. Our objective is lowest possible cost with maximum result, best possible ROI for your marketing campaign.

Step 2: Your target area is defined. This is extremely important. Due to our deep experience and our data, we know that each service you offer can draw patients from different areas.

Step 3: Your key services are discussed with you. We recommend starting with at least 3 to 5 key services. It also depends on your campaign budget. For example if you are a Med Spa and want to focus on “Coolsculpting” – the team will create an ad-group for Coolsculpting. Landing pages and campaign “Coolsculpting” are created and there are many other keywords related to your service “Coolsculpting”.  For each keyword we know the probability of results and how effective each keyword will be. We also know the mobile vs non-mobile patient behavior. If the campaign is being designed for Facebook – the steps are similar but tools in Facebook are different from Google. The same is true for other types of campaigns, like Instagram, Yahoo/Bing campaigns are slightly different. Some platforms are rock-solid, some are “testing” with your ad dollars. Our job is also to steer you away from non-essential expenses.

Keywords are the heart of paid campaigns. Our Advertising PPC team researches and designs powerful keyword lists relevant to your target audience. Negative keywords are equally important. There are hundreds of negative keywords in our campaigns. These campaigns have been run thousands of times and optimized for your specific services. These are NOT generic campaigns.
Landing pages and lead conversion software is all included in the GOLD and PLATINUM Packages. Call tracking based on keywords is included in our campaigns.

Step 4: Budget is discussed for each clinic. This is where you have the most input.  Most customers want to spend “X per month per location” – Then we work backwards to get the best results.  Another approach is to let us suggest a budget. Changing the budget is easy, it can be easily increased or decreased. Sometimes customers come to us and say “I want to dominate online” – What can you do? So depending on your business objectives, we design campaigns. There are no cookie-cutter ad campaigns.

Step 5: Based on your services, dozens of ads are created, negative keywords list are generated. Ad extensions, Set Schedule of the campaign, GEO targeting, excluded areas, low-value-keywords are assigned a lower bids, competitor bids, local bids, mobile bids, landing pages with conversion are created/optimized, call tracking is set, lead-capture is tested.

Step 6: Target launch date is set and discussed with customer

Step 7: Campaign is started

Step 8: Typically, in the first 10 to 15 days your campaign results are discussed with you. However, your campaign is being constantly monitored. is a proven medical marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.