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Medical Website Design Investment

Medical Website Design Investment & Why Physicians Spend Money on a Medical Website Redesign?

10 reasons why doctors invest in a medical website design

We recently asked 439 doctors in USA and Canada, why would you invest in medical website design or a redesign? The number 1 reason is : To acquire more new patients for their medical practice.

Here are all top 10 reasons, in the order of importance for medical providers and medical practice managers.

1. Acquiring new patients – business improvement

2. Engaging existing patients for repeat procedures

3. Providing existing patients useful information and apps so they can take care of their healthcare needs (patient portal access)

4. Building a reputable presence in the community

5. Providing both medical information and practical information, like office hours, directions to patients

6. Building a brand 

7. Referral source for other medical providers

8. Hiring of new staff (example – hiring app that accepts resumes online)

9. Community service (example – COVID-19 related information)

10. Online payments (example – ability for patients to pay their bills online)