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Physician Marketing Solutions

Physician Marketing Solution Costs $799/mon

All Patient Acquisition Platforms are Not Created Equal.’s Physician Marketing Solution Consists of 20 Applications, Focused on Patient Generation and Patient Engagement Results, Not Technology.

Medical marketing for doctors and online advertising ideas and strategies are changing the healthcare marketing landscape. Majority of healthcare practices, their attempts to become more integrally connected with patients are often obstructed by a lack of appropriate and effective online communication tools and applications. Many physicians try to use solutions that worked 5 years ago. Modern medical marketing solutions rely on changing patient behaviour and preferences.’s GOLD solution is built on data science and modern online apps. It is used by the top clinics in USA and Canada.’s Approach  to Healthcare Marketing Success : 12 Key Features of GOLD Solution

  1. Reasonable Monthly Fee With No Upfront Setup Costs or Implementation Costs
  2. Pay-Per-Month Model For Healthcare Medical Marketing
  3. No-To-Low Risk Medical Marketing Model
  4. Same System is Used By The Top Clinics in USA & Canada
  5. Awesome Service and Support – Zoom, SMS-Texting, Email, Ticketing or Web-Based Meetings
  6. Awesome Software & HIPAA Servers Located in USA
  7. Assigned Account Manager Located in USA/Canada For Your Medical Clinic
  8. Generous Discounts for Multi-Location Healthcare Companies 
  9. Website, SEO, Advertising Management, Social Media, Email Marketing, SMS-Texting, Apps, HIPAA Compliance ALL Included in a Single Solution. 
  10. Eliminate 5 to 8 Vendors and Centralize Control of Your Online Healthcare Marketing & Advertising Success 
  11. Save 40% to 60% in Monthly Spend by Using Our Proven Single Vendor Model
  12. Save Approx 30 Hours a Month – No Need To Learn and Operate Multiple Apps
Physician Marketing Solution
Physician Marketing Solution
Physician Marketing Automation
Actionable Medical Marketing Dashboards
Actionable Medical Marketing Dashboards
Complete Marketing Solution For Healthcare Practices
Complete Marketing Solution For Healthcare Practices