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Medical Practice Reviews Marketing Apps Produce New and Repeat Patients

How did this medical practice go to 200+ reviews  with 4.5 rankings?

Using Reviews App is a simple process. There are hundreds of physicians & medical practices taking advantage of technology to maximize positive reviews and minimize negative reviews from their patients. Using the content generated by the patients, Online Reviews For Doctors apps help you improve SEO rankings and drive more new patients.

 Medical Marketing Made Simple Using Your Patient’s Reviews

At we have achieved great success for our customers. We have also learned that success rule of 80/20 still applies in online reputation for doctors and clinics. There are hundreds of online reputation sites. More than 80% of your success is likely to come from Google Reviews and YELP Reviews.  Other review sites are still useful to your clinic’s online strategy, but much less so than these two. All other sites, Healthgrades & Vitals and several others, are good sites but if your strategy to be the dominant medical practice in your target area, recommends your should should focus on Google Reviews first – Achieve 100 Reviews with 4.5 ranking or higher, then Yelp and Facebook, and then others. You will see the best results by using this plan.

So what should be your strategy?  Should you have a simple app that allows to capture reviews from patients as they are about to leave your practice?  Should you send them surveys?  Unfortunately these techniques may work on a limited number of reputation sites, but the most important reputation sites, Google and Yelp, their algorithms are likely to filter or  blacklist your patient reviews if they are all being submitted from the same computer, same IP address, or same location. It is easy to track originating reviews and testimonials. So if its too easy, it is likely to have an adverse effect on your reputation, rather than increasing your reputation.

Reputation Management Can be a Headache

Step 1 : connects your EMR’s patient data to’s Marketing system.

Step 2 : Project Manager works with you to target review sites

Step 3 : Review Software and best practices take over