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Online Medical Care Scheduling Service – Included FREE in GOLD PACKAGE

Online Medical Care Scheduling Service is included FREE in GOLD PACKAGE and PLATINUM PACKAGE from

Online Appointments From Mobile & Facebook HIPAA Compliant – Its unfortunate that only 8 Percent of the medical clinics are using inter-active web based apps to engage with patients and convert potential patients to real paying patients.

Don’t Pay $199 to $299 per month for this app – It is included with service.

Integration to your EMR is included using HTTPS Secure protocol, and its HIPAA Compliant.’s app is included with your GOLD PACKAGE .This app allows you accept appointment requests in 2 different modes.

Auto-Confirm Mode: In default mode, you can block time automatically and send a confirmation without doing any manual steps – you can also send directions and other information about the appointment using the integrated auto-responders.

Manual-Confirm Mode: Patient selects a time and “requests” for a specific time. You can confirm the appointment manually OR When patient’s turn is close to their desired time, the app can send SMS Text to the patient and gets a confirmation from the patient. It’s provided free of charge to medical care facility’s end users use.
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HIPAA Compliant Online Medical Care Scheduling Service - Included FREE in GOLD PACKAGE
Online Medical Care Scheduling Service - Included FREE in GOLD PACKAGE

Clinics all over USA are using Clinic Appointment App on websites and Facebook business page to book more patient appointments. No-shows result in lost revenue, administration difficulties and reduce the effectiveness of treatment for patients.

Patients get upset when they have to wait. You can use’s Online Patient Queue management app to send SMS/Texts to patients and remind them & confirm that they are ready to be seen in 5, 10, 15  minutes ( or any specific time ).

Ensuring the effectiveness of your practice’s patient scheduling and appointment attendance not only affects your patients’ health, but your practice’s efficiency as well.  With’s online scheduling, text and email appointment reminders, and patient recall notifications, your clinic is able to turn its scheduling into an automated process.  Your scheduling calendar, appointment types, reminder frequency, and recall notifications are all customizeable ensure that effective information is being communicated.  By improving your patient attendance, and reducing the time your clinic spends managing your scheduling system, empowers your revenue generation and clinical efficiency. Clinic Appointment App is an easy to use Appointment application. It is being used by the top clinics in USA. We reduce no-shows substantially, increase efficiency and help patients to remain on track with treatment.

The platform consists of over 20 online HIPAA compliant cloud-based applications, all integrated to work together and generate new patient leads, manage leads, convert patient leads to actual paying patient customers, manage patient relationships, and generate referrals. is a single vendor automated solution and it is available at a fraction of cost compared to custom built or multi-vendor non-integrated solutions. platform runs on secure servers and data-centers, based in the USA, with headquarters in Palo Alto California.

Simple To Implement Online Reputation Management for Doctors & Clinics