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Medical Website Pricing

Medical Website Pricing – $799/mon or $5000 One Time Fee.  

You Have Options With PatientGain. You Can Get Started With No Up Front Costs or Pay For Website

Every day, we get calls and inquiries from physicians and practice managers. These inquiries fall into these 4 areas. 

First Question:  I am a physician, I want more new patients, what can you for me, what are my options?  

Second Question:  I am a physician, I have good website, but I am not getting leads/patient inquiries from website?

Third Question:  I am a physician, I have good website, I am getting leads/patient inquiries from website, but my patient acquisition is very high.  I am spending over $3000 per month, but I there is hardly any new patients. What can you do for me?

Fourth Question:  I am a physician, I have good website, I have a decent SEO rankings, I have a good advertising budget of $3000 per month, and we are getting good amount of leads. We need intelligence added to our website. What are my options? 

Fifth Question:  I am a physician, I have good website, I have a decent SEO rankings, but I want to improve patient engagement and patient outreach using low cost and online apps. Can you help me ?’s GOLD service is a complete solution with free website, hosting, software, SEO optimizations, quality content, Facebook + Instagram posts, monthly email marketing, HIPAA compliance, professional account  manager and support service and ready-to-go marketing for your medical practice. Medical Marketing Pricing is $799 monthly OR $4000 to $9000 one time setup.  Individual apps can be purchased starting at $100/mon. This is for a typical single location. Hospital and larger websites start at $50,000 and typically cost $100,000 or more. All websites include HIPAA compliance and ADA assurance.  

If you require a custom solution, we can still help you. Typical pricing for a custom website setup with unique SEO content and HIPAA compliance is $4000 to $9000 one time setup cost, however, we recommend GOLD Service $799 to $1299/mon for better results and no setup costs or implementation costs. If you have a multi-location business, then there are additional costs. Our data shows that GOLD service produces better ROI than custom setup. Conversion is higher from GOLD service websites, average cost per lead is 26 percent lower with GOLD service, compared to custom setup.