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Medical Marketing Promotion Tips: How To Promote Doctor’s Credentials

Medical Marketing Promotion Tips: How to Promote Doctor’s Credentials, His Own Bio, His Own Degrees, Testimonials, and Accomplishments, and His Key Staff and Providers

An initial common fear: Someone will steal my doctors and staff!

You have put the finishing touches on your website. It has every single service listed, a page dedicated to each one, and your website is filled with pictures of your facility. Many medical practices stop there without taking this extra step: Showing off who works at your facility. If you are not listing your doctors and staff on your website, you are missing out on a potentially a significant boost to promote your medical practice. Take some time to write up this information for your website, and you will start to reap its benefits.

A common concern from owners is that if they list the bios of their doctors and staff, then someone will come in and try to hire them away. First, there is no practical way for you to hide the identities of who is working at your medical practice. Any number of businesses could easily send someone in for a medical check-up and get just about all the information they need about who is working there. Second, just about every professional in the healthcare industry has a social media profile, and probably a LinkedIn profile. All in all, it is straightforward to contact your employees if someone wants to try to hire them away from you. Finally, if you run a tremendous medical practice and people are happy with their jobs, it will take a lot to lure them away from your business.

Whose bio should I publish on my medical clinic’s website? 

Do you have to publish detailed bios on every person that collects a paycheck in your medical practice? No, you do not. A good guideline to follow is to create bios for anyone a patient is likely to run into regularly at your medical clinic. These often include:

• Doctors
• Nurses
• Nurse practitioners
• Medical Assistants
• Lab or X-ray specialists
• Front desk medical receptionists

All of these bios should be long-term employees, not someone who is just filling in for a few days and will never be back there again to help treat patients. Not everyone needs to have an extensive, multi-paragraph bio either. Generally, the doctors and other providers at your clinic should have more in their bios than others.

What should I include in the staff’s bio, and why?

The bio of the staff at your clinic should be a way to introduce new patients to your medical practice to the people who will be taking care of them. The bios should include a high-quality photo of the person being talked about and written in a way that is easy to read. Depending on your preference, the bios can be written in the third person or the first person with the staff member “talking” to the potential patient. Be sure to use the same first person or third person style for every bio. The following are some excellent areas to cover in a bio if it applies to that person:

Biography – Include some information about where the person grew up, especially if they are from the area. Patients will usually have a good impression of someone who is “from their neck of the woods.” If the person feels comfortable to share this information, include some details about their family, growing up, and what they like about the area.

Education – Many people will want to know where doctor or nurse go their degree and training. Be sure to list the accredited organizations where this person studied and got their degree or certification. You should include this information if someone has attended a well-known medical school or organization.

Accomplishments – Has your staff member won an award or has been featured in the newspaper or a medical journal. Regardless if the local newspaper wrote a story about your doctor volunteering at a blood drive or if a medical journal published something written by one of your medical assistants, this is where to link those articles. Provide the title of the article and link so people can read more if they would like.

Patient Testimonials – At the end of the bio for your staff member, highlights some of the best things people have said about your staff member. If someone has specifically named that staff member in a Google Review, post it here while also protecting the patient’s identity.

How often should I update the bios of my staff?

If you are not careful, you might end up having bios of your staff that are wildly out of date. Some medical practices forget they have this page up and end up having a webpage full of people who no longer work there. A good rule to follow is to check your bio page each time you make a new hire to your medical practice. If you have not hired anyone in over 12 months, take a moment and review the page to make sure everything is up to date. The bios should be updated anytime someone gets a new degree or award or is featured in a local publication. Be mindful of how old some news and some awards are. For example, if a staff member won some medical recognition 20 years ago, it may be time to consider whether or not to include that information. Also, be sure to update people’s photos if it has been more than five years since you took a new picture of them.

Why do including bios on my website help my medical practice?

Including bios on your website will help your overall organic reach and website SEO. The bios on your site are going to be rich, unique content that links out to great, authoritative domains. This is going to only to help your overall rankings. If possible, include your target keywords in bios to help associate your staff with the services patients are often looking for information. The names of these staff members will start to get some rankings and be associated with the area and your medical practice. This can only help grown your medical clinic and your patient base.

Call the experts at today and let our staff help you organize your providers and staff’s bios. We’ll make sure the page where they are feature is well designed and optimized for search. Please make an appointment today, and let’s work together to show off those who work for you!