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Healthcare Marketing Tip: How To Promote Your Services

Healthcare Marketing Tip(s): How To Promote Your Services

Many New and Even Established Medical Clinics Do Not Do an Adequate Job of Promoting Their Services.

A common omission from a great website is detailing the services a clinic offers to the community. There are several reasons why you should do more than just put a bulleted list of services on your website. Overall, it helps you build your website’s ranking and allows you to reach more people in your community. Below are some reasons and tips you should promote every service your providers offer at your medical practice.


The more content you have, the better you will rank for your target keywords.

Content is everything when you are trying to build your website’s organic rankings. It is all very straightforward: The more unique, informative content you have on your website, the more relevant you will look to search engines. To a search engine, a webpage with 700 words talking about sports physicals is going to be more relevant to a user searching on this topic than a website, with 200 words only mentioned once with a list of other services. A page dedicated to a service is going to perform better than all of your services briefly listed on one page.

What is content marketing?

Another concept this touches is something called “Content Marketing.” Content marketing is promoting your website by becoming a local authority on a topic or subject. However, this does not mean you spend two months writing out every service you have and then publishing it all at once. Content marketing works best when your website is updated incrementally. Adding, revising, and expanding content over some time shows search engines that your website is kept up to date. Posting content once and then updating it every two years is going less helpful than continually updating your website.

Do not copy and paste content, even from other websites you own

It is not uncommon for the owner of a medical practice to have several locations and unique URLs for each location. However, make the mistake of merely copying over every word of one website and just switching out the address and the phone number. Anything on any webpage on any site that you own needs to be unique, informative, and content-rich. Copying and pasting content over will only hurt the search rankings of both websites.

Another mistake some medical practices make is copying and pasting descriptions of services or products from the manufacturer. You would be surprised to see how many clinics use the same description for a specific botox treatment or a type of MRI machine. Take the time to rewrite that content to make it fit for your website while also introducing your target keywords and phrases. Going through a rewrite will help make your content more relevant to those searching for your services in the area.

I only have a list of services on my website. Which service should I start with when writing content?

It may be challenging to decide which service to start writing content for or even seen overwhelming. Try starting with the most popular services and things that you believe people may need a bit more education about because the public is not entirely familiar with it yet. Remember, you do not need to do everything at once, and in fact, it is even better to do things incrementally for SEO purposes. Once services in these two areas are adequately written out, you can focus on content pages for the rest of the services you offer.

If your website is brand new and you are starting a new business, it may also be useful to write small descriptions for each of your services, to begin with for people to read. Then, once they are all established on their pages and unique URLs, you can go back to each one and expand that content. This method gives you some information about everything you offer to establish some SEO value before you come back and finish writing out the rest of the material.

I am not sure what I should write about a service or product. What are some tips?

Some services and products offered at a medical practice are easier to write about than others. If you have a case of writer’s block, here are some areas you could start to write about to help flush out a page of content about a service.

Symptoms – Patients sometimes know how they are feeling, but do not know what is causing their discomfort. Other times, an ailment may be mistaken as something else because they share similar symptoms. For example, the COVID-19 infection was initially mistaken for a bad case of the flu or pneumonia, although several specific symptoms made it stick out. When writing about a service to treat an illness or condition, list the symptoms someone might be suffering will help them identify their issue. From an organic standpoint, patients will sometimes search symptoms like “Treatment for high fever,” or “what is causing the tickle in the back of my throat.”

Treatment – When treating an illness or injury, write about what the treatment is like for the patient. Instead of saying, “we will treat your sprain,” talk about the various ways a sprain is treated at your clinic. This will educate the patient on what to expect when they seek out your provider to treat their injury. Detailing the treatment for an illness or injury will help give your page authority and show search engines that you are an expert on the subject. This is also another chance for you to insert target local SEO keywords to associate the treatment and service with your area.

Equipment – Talk about the type of equipment that is used at your medical clinic. Do not merely say we have an x-ray machine or onsite lab. Talk about the make, model, and capabilities of your equipment. If it is relatively new, talk about when it was installed and the features it has that perhaps older versions do not. Talking up your medical equipment used to treat an injury or diagnose an illness goes a long way to boost your website and services.

Highlight your services in newsletters and social media posts.

Finally, be sure to slowly rotate through your services and highlight them in newsletters and social media posts throughout the year. No, you should not exclusively post about them online every day or send out an email about a service you offer every morning. Best practices would suggest you mention a service once or twice a week and write an email once a month in detail about a service and the benefits someone could have from it. Even if your service is well established, it is always good to remind people about them in case they have forgotten aspects of it. Take care not to cut and paste posts or newsletters and try to write unique content for every mention.

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