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Medical Marketing Ideas For Doctors

Medical Marketing Ideas For Doctors

91 Percent of the Medical Clinics Have Switched Over to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Systems But Only 4 % Of These Practices are Using the Data for Valuable Medical Marketing.

Let’s face it, running any healthcare practice takes long hours and a multi-disciplinary approach. Running a buoyant and profitable Medical Care Clinic adds a whole new promotional dynamic to the mix. You have to deal with staffing issues, credentialing , insurance plans, HIPAA, physical building and healthcare regulations and a lot more.  Like all your competitors, you are extremely busy. Your staff are severely taxed dealing with the everyday workload of a growing medical practice.

Competing for patients is an everyday reality in healthcare and accessing a solution that not only works but also has key facility integration assets not only makes sense, it’s essential given all the other priorities that are consuming your valuable time.

Over 91 percent of medical clinics now utilize an EMR to track and document a patient’s progress through the clinical visit, but how did that patient arrive at your front office and how do you ensure that they will preferentially consider you next time? Patient attraction and post visit, ongoing patient engagements are the keys to generating new patient visits and assuring repeat visits and positive recommendations. There are many strategies that can be used using technology and online marketing for doctors.

Medical Marketing can broken into 2 main areas:

1. Attracting New Patients to Your Medical Practice

2. Re-attracting Past Patients Instead of Relying Solely on Acquiring New, First Time Patient

Assuming your medical marketing for new patients has been successful,  you are now able to re-attract past patients instead of relying solely on acquiring new, first time patients, you will need to consider how best to engage with my patient community both effectively an efficiently. How do you stay front of an existing patient, how do you present an additional a healthcare service that extends beyond the first initial visit to your Medical Practice, how do you advise patients when your practice has seasonal specials, new service lines, retain the services of a notable new Provider (doctor, physician) etc. You need to leverage all of this on a regular and automated basis to outmaneuver your competition.

Through a combination of sophisticated PatientGain’s online apps your EMR or Practice Management System, you have amassed an exponentially growing database of both past patients and potential new patients who have at minimum, interacted with your practice online. As your time is extremely limited, again you look to technology to provide you with a virtually automated process through which to engage with patients past and future.

EMR or Practice Management System Integration to PatientGain Medical Marketing System.

Three Levels of Online Advertising & Medical Marketing

A large number of doctors’ offices aren’t able to acquire the patients they need to keep their practice in good financial health due to a lack of an effective online advertising strategy. Some practices have taken some of the first steps by getting a website, but they lack the tools and strategy to drive visitors to them online.

Luckily,PatientGain has developed a solution to the problem of patient acquisition, and has helped clinics and practices across the US drastically improve their patient generation and patient communication. Patient acquisition costs can be anywhere from $8 to $27 per new patient in most US areas, and if your practice is located in a competitive area, your costs can be even higher. Patient acquisition does not have to be a confusing and unknown area for doctors. By looking at leading clinics and medical practices, you can better understand how your practice should design your patient acquisition strategy.

Physicians and practice owners have vastly differing levels of promotional experience and sophistication but most fall into one of the following three areas:

No.1  Beginner Level

Marketing and advertising are considered as an after-thought that can be managed by staff members like the front office staff or administrators. The general viewpoint of doctors’ offices at this level is that with any kind of basic or free website, new patients looking for their services will be automatically directed to them via Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other online search channels. However, this perception is far removed from the reality of their situation. Without a strategy and software tools, these practices won’t be able to be seen by potential patients online, or convert the few visitors that find them.

Reputation Management is very important for you medical practice. It is included in the GOLD package.

 No. 2  Intermediate Level

Practices at this level have reached acceptable average daily patient counts. They have a clinic admin working with a local web-designer, and have put up a nice looking website, but there is no focus on online success and building a strategy to drive new patients every day. These doctors hope that because they’ve worked with a contractor to build a website, it naturally result in steady and predictable patient generation and clinic growth. Some of these practices may be doing some online advertising on Google, trying email marketing, or have put up a Facebook page for their business. This is a good starting point, but most practices don’t execute these strategies at an effective level, where they are creating growth in their patient counts. The internet is where your competition acquires their new patients, and to ensure that your practice remains competitive you need an online marketing approach that is effective. To protect your business’s health, your practice need more than a website; you need a partner with healthcare marketing expertise, intelligent software, and a comprehensive online strategy for your practice.

A beautiful and attractive website is a given, but you also need an Intelligent Responsive Website also.  It is very important for your medical practice. It is included in the GOLD package.

No 3.  Optimized Level

Doctors and practices at this level understand that online strategy is by far the #1 method to grow patient volumes, and build their business’s profitability. Driving patients to your door, and out-performing the competition on the internet, requires a depth of online marketing expertise, effective software, and a profound understanding of medical practice operations.  Clinics and doctors often have to enlist outside help in order to execute an effective online strategy, but the combination of skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to do so is found among very few marketing or advertising companies. However, healthcare industry leaders, with a single and multi-location clinics, use PatientGain’s Healthcare Platform to drive their clinics’ growth. PatientGain’s software enables medical practices to painlessly acquire new patients, effectively communicate and engage with their patients, and grow their business, with HIPAA compliance. PatientGain provides a BAA for your medical practice.

PatientGain has run thousands of online campaigns for patient acquisition and patient engagement for medical practices with typical patient acquisition costs anywhere from $8 to $27 per new patient in most US areas.

Cloud based HIPAA compliant software is simple to use and easy to manage.

Free responsive medical website is always included with GOLD Package. Month-to-month contracts – Cancel anytime.