Medical Advertising Data has a vast library of data from hundreds of medical clinics. We can benchmark your clinic & practice against the best run clinics in the USA.

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    • Examples of FREE/No-Cost HIPAA Compliant A/B Tested Medical Websites
    • I have a website, want secure HIPAA Compliant forms and hosting

    • Increasing patient count by SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    • Increasing patient count by Online Advertising (Paid Advertising)
    • Increasing online reputation - Google Reviews
    • Increasing online reputation - YELP Reviews
    • Increasing online reputation - Facebook Reviews
    • Increasing online reputation on other healthcare websites
    • Connect my EMR to Marketing System (FREE EMR Connector)
    • SMS & Mobile Marketing – HIPAA Compliant
    • HIPAA Compliant Patient CRM
    • Patient Contact Database – Connect to my Website, Social Media, EMR, SMS and Newsletters
    • Secure Online Appointment Requests from Prospective Patients (HIPAA Compliant)
    • Social Media Apps for Patient Acquisition and Engagement from Facebook
    • Library of Most Effective Promotions for Medical Clinics
    • Sending Monthly Targeted Newsletters With Monthly Content
    • Sending Monthly Targeted Newsletters With Seasonal Content – Happy Mothers Day etc
    • Email Automation – With Drip Campaigns & Custom Messaging
    • Epost Cards for Birthday’s and other Special Occasions
    • Secure Online Payments (from Website, Mobile and Facebook)

    • Phone Call Tracking for Operational Efficiency

    • I have multiple locations, I am looking for a complete platform for Patient Acquisition & Engagement

    • I have a lot of online competition – I need a lot of help

    • I have few hours a week to devote to the online success of my medical clinic

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