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Medical Marketing For Sleep Clinics

Medical Marketing For Sleep Clinics and Centers $799/mon

Are you an owner of a sleep clinic who is looking for more patients? Are you curious about how to attract more patients to your sleep clinic? You need to use medical marketing to build your patient base and reach more people in your community. Below is some common medical marketing techniques sleep clinics use to boost their patient count and bottom line. PatientGain can help guide you through ways to promote your business.

Step 1. Local SEO Optimization

A critical factor to potential patients finding your location is being listed in local directories. If you haven’t already, you need to create or claim your listings on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Claiming these listings is just the beginning. To fully promote your sleep clinic, you need to optimize your local listings for SEO, also known as search engine optimization. How? Check your listings and make sure you:

  • List an address
  • Check if the map “pin” is placed correctly
  • List a phone number
  • Hours of operation
  • Link to your website
  • List of services offered
  • Pictures of your facility

These listings are also where you will collect the majority of your reviews. You can use positive reviews for marketing purposes, but more importantly, you’ll be aware of when someone is not happy with your services. From here, you can contact them or publicly respond. Addressing reviews regardless if the person is satisfied lets future patients know you take feedback seriously. 

Step 2. Website SEO

Applying SEO or search engine optimization to your website is a must if you want your business to appear in search results. SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of getting search engines to understand what your site is about and helps make it more relevant to search results. The key to good website SEO is identifying the keywords your most valuable potential patients will use when looking for your sleep clinic and the services you offer. You need to make sure these keywords are used throughout your website and associated with where you are located. Not only mention the town you are located in, but also the surrounding areas to increase your organic reach.

Medical Marketing For Sleep Clinics and Centers
Medical Marketing For Sleep Clinics and Centers

Step 3. Online Advertising

Before anyone sees the organic results for a search, they are going to see the paid results. Paying to be at the top of search results is a critical part of marketing for sleep clinics. If you are in an area of heavy competition or if you offer a service that is not generally associated with sleep clinics, a paid ad will help expose your business to more people. The amount of money you will spend on online advertising is determined by many factors, including keywords used, the competition for those keywords, how well your website is written to be relevant to those keywords, and the uniqueness of those keywords.

One of the most significant advantages of online advertising is the ability to target your audience. Advertising on Google and Bing allows you to focus by region or zip code, and you can also schedule your ads to run during certain times of the day. If you are only open four days a week, why advertise on days where you are closed? On social media channels, you can target even deeper, advertising by gender, age, income, and interests.

There are two main types of online advertising:

  • Pay Per Click – Also known as PPC, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. These are generally found in search results.
  • Display Ads – An ad will display every time someone visits a website, and you pay by impression, usually an amount for every 1,000 impressions. These ads are commonly found on news websites or blogs.

Step 4. Reputation Management

Your online reputation can make or break your sleep clinic. Managing the reviews, you receive, and gently soliciting reviews from others can drive your business. Claiming your profiles, as mentioned in a previous section, is key to managing your reputation. Make a point to check your reviews every day and respond to every one of them. For positive reviews with comments and reviews without comments, thank them for their feedback and comments. For negative reviews, try to track down who left it and contact them. If they don’t leave their name, respond, and ask them to call you back so you can understand their experience. Why respond to every review? When someone is investigating your sleep clinic for the first time, they will check the reviews. Responding to every review shows them you care about their experience.

How do you get good reviews? As strange as it sounds, ask. Typically, someone won’t leave a review on their own. However, people who have negative experiences are generally motivated to leave a negative review. When someone leaves your sleep clinic satisfied, ask them to leave a review. PatientGain as a reputation management app that will send your patients an email asking if they are satisfied. A “Yes” will send them directly to leave a review. “Maybe” or “No” will send them to an internal feedback form that will capture their information so you can follow up with them. This, in turn, cuts down on negative reviews giving you a chance to hopefully fix the aspect of their visit they were unhappy with.

Step 5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is somewhat like applying SEO to your website, and good content marketing will improve your overall SEO. This concept involves putting more and more content on your website to enhance your authority in a subject matter. As a sleep clinic, there are many sleep-related conditions you treat, and problems people are afflicted with every day. Instead of just listing these things out, have a page dedicated to them filled with content. Providing 500 to 1,000 words on a subject while working in your target keywords can help make your website more relevant to those searching in your area. 

Your sleep clinic should try to add things throughout the year. These can include expanding pages on sleep conditions you treat, the treatments you offer or adding to a blog talking about the latest trends in the healthcare area. The more content you incrementally add to your website over time, the better!

Step 6. Email Marketing

With changes in the way email providers present emails to their users, email marketing is not as effective as it used to be. However, it can still play a vital role in sleep clinics. Emails can inform their current patients about specials, new treatments being offered, or to reconnect with them. PatientGain can help design on-brand emails for your clinic to send out to your patients. We will design monthly emails and seasonal emails to send out to your mailing list. Our system can even set up an automated “happy birthday” message to be sent out to your patients throughout the year.

Email marketing should be used to highlight services or specials to your patient base. These emails should be sent out weekly or monthly, but never daily. Sending daily emails out will drive down your conversation rate and could get yourself labeled as a spammer. This will automatically blacklist you from other email providers, sending your emails straight to the spam folder.

Step 7. Referrals

As a sleep clinic, your business specializes in a particular area of healthcare. Other primary care doctors can undoubtedly provide some assistance to their patients, but some will need your experienced help for their sleep-related issues. Making it easy for other doctors to refer patients to you is key to building this aspect of your business. Instead of having a doctor call, hoping someone will pick up, have them leave information in a secure form that will be brought to your attention ASAP. If a doctor gets a busy signal or no one calls them back, they might move on to the next sleep clinic on their list, maybe even your competitor. Get the information right away, confirm it, and welcome your new patient to your practice.

Step 8. Online Appointments

Many sleep clinics do not embrace online appointments, but more and more are, so you should today. Our dashboard can integrate with your patient management system to organize your current appointments with incoming online appointments. Giving patients an option right then and there to make an appointment will increase your conversation rate. Instead of letting them have time to think, or worse, explore the website of a competitor. Give them the option to lock in their appointment now. We can train your staff so that everything remains organized.

If you employ these medical marketing tactics for sleep clinics, you will be very competitive in your area and pull in more patients. PatientGain can help you build your patient count and reach those who may not be aware of your services. Call today and let us show you what we can do for you!

6 Key Pillars of Healthcare Medical Marketing for Physicians. Used by the Top Clinics in USA and Canada.

6 Key Pillars of Healthcare Medical Marketing for Physicians. Used by the Top Clinics in USA and Canada.