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Marketing For Medical Practices With Multiple Locations

Medical Practice Marketing Platform by allows you replace 5 to 8 vendors with a single proven high performance digital marketing platform with awesome support.

Majority of the medical practices who have more than a single location have options now. They can use the same proven platform used by the TOP Medical Practices in the USA & Canada, without any setup costs and long contracts.  Let’s face it, as you grow, you want to use a proven platform built with high growth foundation, HIPAA compliance, and best digital marketing and expert healthcare experience.

Key areas and issues faced by Medical Practices With Multiple Locations

1. Reliable Digital Partner With Expertise & Brand-Management

2. Technology Platform – Proven and Available Plus HIPAA Compliant

3. Support & Services to Support Growth of your Medical Practices

4. SEO Leadership and Experience in the Medical Marketing

5. Digital Advertising Experience and Data to Support ROI

6. Social Media For Medical Practices – Apps and Experience

7. Website Scalable Architecture and Secure Hosting

8. Reputation Management for Medical Practices – Apps & Experience on Best Practices

9. Email Marketing and Monthly Strategy

10. Design and Graphics Support for Brand-Management

11. Content Creation & Support for Social Media Posts

12. Professional Account Management

13. Ongoing Training and Support of Front-Desk and other medical staff.


Click here and setup a time so we can show you examples.  There is a discounted schedule of fees for multiple location medical practices.

No Long Term Contract

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Medical Marketing Success Requires Proficiency in Four Important Areas:

1) Clinic Industry Knowledge, and an Understanding of Medical Field Compliance Requirements and Regulations

2) Expertise in Online Marketing Trends, Digital Best Practices, and Patient Behavior

3) A Dynamic Software Platform Designed to Adapt to Changes with Trends and Technology

4) World Class Support behind Your Technology System


Example of 4 Key Improvement Areas

For Your Growing Medical Practices

Medical Practice Marketing Company
Medical Practice Marketing Company

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