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Senior Home Care Business

Online Marketing & Advertising For Senior Home Care Business & Companies  $799/mon.

Senior Care and Home Care Businesses can be very rewarding and full of satisfaction. Helping seniors in the roles of nursing assistants, home care aides, personal care workers,  personal care attendants, and home health aides is not an easy job. It comes with patience and understanding.

As the owner of Home Care or Senior Care business, you also have to deal with high turnover, possible shortage of qualified workers and legal responsibilities. has helped many Senior Care and Home Care companies, including some of the largest franchises in the USA and Canada. We have learned that as a business owner you will need to focus on lead generation, follow-up, and conversion to customers.

1. Traditional word of mouth, fliers, print media etc

2. Referrals from some local entity-like hospitals, senior related organizations, and resources groups

3. Online Marketing, Social Media, and Advertising strategy

Whether you are part of a franchise system or an independent business owner in Senior Care, you will need to focus on Online Marketing and Advertising to generate leads and ultimately customers. The cost of each new lead varies from area to area – but generally you can generate qualified leads in the range of $18 to $28 per lead, with customer acquisition cost of typically $100 to $188. Your actual numbers will vary, but these are good guidelines in the USA and Canada, with Canadian costs on the lower end and USA costs on the higher end.

There are 3 key areas for your online success, and each of these areas are very important.

For Home Care and Senior Care companies, all applications like CRM, Contact Manager, applications, website, search optimizations, and email marketing work together. No need to assemble dozens of apps and waste your time trying to figure out the best practices. We have done it for you, no assembly required.

We have many senior care/home care companies who are using the system to get new leads, convert leads to customers, and build on going relationships with existing customers to grow their business.

Please click here for a presentation and be amazed at what can do for you online.

As an example, Mark Friedman, owner of Senior Helpers Senior Care Franchise in Boston, MA, USA has built a solid business using platform.

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3. Automated CRM + Sales & Marketing Apps

This is one area that separates the top performers from the mid-pack. One thing unique about top performers in any industry is their ability to do more with less, and they are already doing something that the rest of the industry is thinking about doing. Here are some business applications to consider for your online business success:


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