Online Reviews Software For Doctors

How to Acquire Positive Online Patient Reviews Ethically. Reviews Costs $199/mon

Majority of the patients are thankful and appreciate how doctors and physicians add value to patient’s well-being. But you still need to minimize negative reviews and maximize positive reviews.

Twenty-first-century Americans want an ATM on every corner, a Starbucks on every block, grocery stores 2 minutes’ drive from home, cell phones that set up appointments for them, gas stations that serve fresh coffee and bagels, and now the latest change, Walk-In-Clinics at every corner, close to Starbucks. And they want doctors who show up on time, and polite receptionists at the front desk. They are also exercising their right of free speech to post their experience on the internet, social media, Yelp and Google Reviews.

You have to take care of your patient’s health and your business health. You cannot neglect either.

As a physician you have worked extremely hard to achieve to the level of accomplishment and ability so you can make a positive difference in the lives of patients you serve. Majority of the patients are thankful and appreciate how doctors and physicians add value to patient’s well-being. But …

Once in a while, some patients may feel that service was not good enough or there may be a billing issue or perhaps the front receptionist was not polite enough. With the rise of social media usage and free consumer speech & opinion rules and regulations, you have to have a plan in place to protect your online reputation. As a physician or a medical clinic manager responsible for the well-being of a practice, you’re not only tasked with taking care of your patients, but also for the business and financial health of your clinic and medical practice.

There are multiple ways to address this issue. We have seen countless doctors, healthcare providers, clinics and practices struggle with this issue. You can spend thousands of dollars to rectify this problem or you can take the smart way, and use the technology to help you – not one time, but for ongoing basis.

At we have achieved great success for our customers.  We have also learned that success rule of 80/20 still applies in online reputation for doctors and clinics. There are hundreds of online reputation sites. More than 80% of your success is likely to come from Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews. Other review sites like Facebook, Healthgrades etc are still useful to your clinic’s online strategy, but much less so than these two.

So what should be your strategy?  Should you have a simple app that allows to capture reviews from patients as they are about to leave your practice?  Should you send them surveys?  Unfortunately these techniques may work on a limited number of reputation sites, but the most important reputation sites, Google and Yelp, their algorithms are likely to filter or  blacklist your patient reviews if they are all being submitted from the same computer, same IP address, or same location. It is easy to track originating reviews and testimonials. So if its too easy, it is likely to have an adverse effect on your reputation, rather than increasing your reputation.

PatientGain’s apps solve this problem for you within the GOLD and PLATINUM Packages. There is no extra cost for positive reputation apps. The most successful approach we have seen is the one that uses technology and big-data to address this area proactively.