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Patient Acquisition Cost

Patient Acquisition Cost – We Tailor A Service Based On Your Budget

Answer few questions below and we will provide you with a pricing to fit your budget and needs:

Question 1 : What type of healthcare practice do you have ?
Answer [ ]
Examples: Med spa, anti aging, podiatrist, urgent care, primary care, womens health, sexual health, mental health

Question 2 : Based on your own assessment, what type of competition do you have?
Answer [ ]
Examples: 1 -Low 2- Medium. 3- High

Question 3 : What are top 4 healthcare services for your practice?
Answer [ ]
Example: PRP for pain, interventional pain medicine, sciatica pain treatment

Question 4 : What is your monthly marketing budget?
Answer [ ]
Example: $1000/mon per location

Question 5 : What is your monthly advertising budget?
Answer [ ]
Example: $1000/mon per location. NOTE : Advertising budget is extra from your marketing budget – Advertising budget means, ads on Google, Social media, Print Media, TV etc

Question 6 : What is your contact information?
Answer – Contact form is below: