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HIPAA Compliant Patient Communication Apps – $199 to $499/mon

HIPAA Compliant Patient Communication Apps – $199 to $499/mon

Simple to use patient communication software for doctors and healthcare practices. HIPAA compliant. Used by the top practices in USA & Canada.

Over 92 percent of medical clinics know that they need to improve how they communicate with their patients, but often don’t have the tools or time to make changes to their communication strategy. In addition 26% of your patient calls end up in your voice mail.

Your patients love convenience. With online appointment scheduling, it’s never been easier for them to quickly find a medical provider, and set-up a time to be seen. By including appointment scheduling apps on your clinic’s website, your patients can easily see your availability, and pick out a time that works for them. Patients who find your website online are more likely to visit you when they can quickly and easily schedule a visit online.

1. Texting/SMS – Text from mobile or desktop (ability for patients to text your staff and your staff to respond – from an app, desktop and mobile)

2. Email – Email from mobile or desktop (ability for patients to Email your practice and your staff to respond – from an app, desktop and mobile)


3. Secure web access – HIPAA compliant access for all of your staff (all of your staff can have role based secure access from an app, desktop and mobile)


4. Medical ChatBot – Engage with patients on your website and mobile devices  (patients appreciate quick answers for common questions – medical chatbot answers their questions 24×7, and if it cannot answer it, it will save the questions for you so you can respond later) 


5. Secure Messaging – Send secure messages, HIPAA compliant (in addition common messages like appointments, you can also use  secure messaging to send and recieve HIPAA compliant information)


6. Secure Documents – Send and receive documents securely, HIPAA compliant (you can provide sensitive documents to patients by placing them in a secure folder, once they have been accessed, documents are removed)


7. Patient Intake – Register patients, insurance information, and more  (hundreds are forms are ready to be used from your website, we will do a free setup)


8. Patient Appointments – Request or book appointments, both modules included  (patient appointment app can be setup 2 different ways 1) bookings and 2) requests – both apps are included)


9. EMR Integration – Does your EMR have an API? or Google FHIR
Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is a healthcare standard for representing and exchanging electronic medical information ?  There is no cost for the EMR connector. 

With’s Texting/SMS and Appointment Scheduling App, you’re able to bring in more patients from the web, and simplify your appointment scheduling process for both your patients and your front desk staff. Patients don’t always have a free moment to call your clinic ahead of time, and sometimes they may just want to schedule a time online or even see what your current wait time is to decided when they should walk-in. By integrating Appointment Scheduling onto your site, you can provide the type of convenience your patients want, and convert patients who might not see you otherwise.

Even if your practice is exclusively a walk-in clinic, you can set-up ‘soft’ appointments, display your current wait time, and even send alerts to patients to let them know when they should walk in. By improving your communication with patients, and allowing them to better engage with you online, patient leads who find you online are more likely to walk-in through your clinic’s doors.

Your patients can request appointments times or book appointments using your Website or Facebook page. This app is HIPAA compliant and is integrated with’s Patient Lead Capture CRM, Phone Call Tracking, Email Marketing, and Auto Responder apps.

You can easily improve your clinic’s patient generation, and helping to front desk staff handle patient leads more efficiently, all with’s Appointment Scheduling App. There’s no software to install, and can work with any website out there. And best of all,’s Appointment Scheduling App is completely HIPAA compliant, so when your next HIPAA audit comes around you can breathe easily. is a proven medical marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.