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Dental Patient Acquisition

Dental Patient Acquisition

4 Key Apps to Improve Your Dental Patient Acquisition, Used By Top Dentists

Owning a dental practice requires the owner or owners to be constantly looking for new patients. To grow a dentistry and be successful, you not only need to maintain your current patient count but increase it. If there is no active strategy to acquire new patients, your patient count will slowly dwindle, reducing the practice’s income. has four amazing dental patient acquisition apps available to dental practice owners on our dashboard that will help you grow your business. Each one serves a different purpose, and all work together to help your business grow. These apps are:

  1. ChatBot App
  2. 2-way Communication App
  3. Facebook Posting App
  4. Online Advertising App

These apps are straightforward to use, and it will not take long for you to get the hang of them. If by chance you can not find something or forget how a part if the app works, you can message us anytime. Our helpful team is more than happy to assist you in using the apps to their fullest potential!  

How can a chatbot app help my dental practice acquire new patients?

While your website might have excellent content, be easy to navigate, and load quickly, there are likely to be patients who will still have questions. Those questions are either called into the dental office or emailed to the front desk staff. Either way, your team will have to take time out of their day to answer each question. Unfortunately, many of these questions are similar, taking up additional time of the staff. Every morning, they have to listen to voice mail messages or read emails from overnight from patients who need further assistance.

A chatbot can help solve those problems and free up time your staff can use to help patients with more complicated issues. A chatbot on a dentist’s website can be programmed with the most common questions your team gets asked and have prepared answers ready to go. Before a patient calls or emails, they can engage with a chatbot to get the information or confirmation they need, saving everyone involved time. If there is a question that a chatbot can not answer, it can take the name and contact information from the website visitor and send it to the staff for review. Any questions asked will then appear on your dashboard so you can get back to them at your convenience.

The best part about a chatbot is that it never goes home, calls out sick, goes on vacation, and works on all holidays. The engagement a chatbot provides will help patients before they move on to another choice in their search results. If their question can be answered or if assistance with accomplishing a task can be completed, they are much more likely to choose your dental practice for their care. Chatbots can also be updated with new questions and answers if there is a change of services available or a update about any new policies, like COVID-19 safety procedures.

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How will a 2-way communication app help with patient acquisition at my dental practice?

Texting practically goes hand in hand with phone calls these days. Rarely does a cell phone plan not have a texting service added onto it. Many people prefer texting over phone calls or even emailing. You can acquire new patients by making it easy for potential patients to text your dental practice. To remain HIPAA compliant, this does not mean having a cell phone lying around the front office used exclusively for texting. has a two-way communication app that allows patients to text a dental practice through the website to communicate with that practice.

Instead of going to a cell phone, texts are sent to a HIPAA secured dashboard where staff can respond to texts as they come in. Those responses are then texted back to the potential or current patient. The easier you make communication, the quicker you will get answers to people, making it easier for them to make an appointment to be seen by a dentist. Keep in mind that you must still follow HIPAA rules to stay in compliance. Yes, texts sent to you are stored securely on your end, but anything you send back likely will not be considered secure on a person’s phone. So, while you can answer general questions, avoid texting any personal health information (PHI) to remain in compliance.

Texting a practice is very convenient for people who are on the go and need a quick answer to a question. With your practice’s number saved into their phone, they can quickly shoot a question over, allowing staff to answer it quickly. It is also convenient for those at work and can not be seen chatting on the phone or talking about something sensitive they do not want to be heard by others.’s two-way communication app can be embedded into a dental website allowing patients to send a message to a practice and receive an answer directly to their phone. Our dashboard will organize texts for staff so they can be quickly sorted and handled one by one.

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How can a Facebook posting app help with a dental patient acquisition effort?

Social media is ingrained in today’s society. The vast majority of your dental patients will have a social media account, and many of them will have a Facebook profile. Your competitors are certainly using social media to connect with their patients and reach potential new patients. Ignoring social media puts you at a competitive disadvantage, especially on Facebook. With that said, social media can also be a very time-consuming endeavor. The time it takes to open up a new browser, log into Facebook, bring up your dental practice’s page, and post something will add up over time. What your dental practice needs is a Facebook Posting App. has developed a simple but powerful Facebook posting tool that allows you to send updates to your Facebook page right from the dashboard. When you click on the app, you can select from the following types of posts:

Status Post – A simple text post updating patients or sharing a link to an article. These updates generally get low engagements rates.

Picture Post: Similar to a status post, it includes a picture. These can get high engagement numbers if it is a picture of staff or the facility.

Video Post: Again, this is similar to a text post, but there is a video that goes along with it. These posts can get even better engagement than picture posts if the video is short and has high production values. Avoid posting long videos as rarely does has the time watched a small movie about a topic.

Any three of these types of Facebook posts can be made from a dashboard, saving you a trip to visit another website.

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How can an online advertising app help me acquire new dental patients? has a custom online advertising app that is accessible from your dashboard. Our online advertising experts handle the creation, deployment, and monitoring of all of your online ads. Unlike other medical marketing companies, we do not hide the data from you and give you weekly reports. Instead, a variety of information and options are available to you whenever you want to view them, including:

Daily Spend – Showing how many clicks, the cost per click, and the total amount spent per day.

Best Performing Keywords: A list of keywords over the last 90 days with the highest performance in clicks. It also shows the impressions, click-through rate, cost per click, and the amount spent on that keyword.

Daily Target Budget: Similar to the daily spend, but providing some more detail, including what the target budget goal for the day and how much was actually spent.

Hourly Spend Report: This shows many clicks, impressions, cost, click-thru rate, and cost per click for each hour of the day for the last 30 days.

Monthly Performance Summary: This shows the total clicks, cost, and average cost per click by month for the last 12 months.

The dental practice owner can monitor online advertising efforts from their dashboard and then follow up with our team regarding any questions. Some owners may use the hourly spend reports to see how long a budget is lasting into the day, while others will keep track of keywords to see if any new ones are popping up. With this data, they can come to our experienced team with any questions about their online advertising. From our online advertising app, an owner can request to increase or decrease in daily budget amounts as they see fit. They can also review past budget changes. These options help owners increase the budget for any reason, like a new season or a competitor opening up nearby. They use the budget request history to examine what happened when the budget was changed.

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The team at is ready to help you use these apps to help your patient count grow. Many of our clients use these apps every day with great success. Let us show you how they work, the vital information they display, and how other owners are using them. We are ready to work with you to help your dental practice grow!