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Urgent Care SEO Marketing Costs $799/Mon

Urgent Care SEO Marketing Costs $799/mon


Urgent care marketing can benefit immensely by creating SEO (Search Engine Optimization) pages. For each urgent care service you provide, you should have detailed services page. Here is a good example. 


The goal of your urgent care center’s marketing is to inform people about the services you offer and why your location is better than an emergency room or waiting for a primary care doctor to be available. SEO marketing is one of the most effective ways to help community find your urgent care center.

Most of the patients looking for your services use mobile devices, and their favourite way to find you is by going to Google and typing or speaking to the mobile phone “Urgent care near me”. If your website shows up on the top area of the search results, you are more likely to get new patients.

PatientGain is an expert SEO company for urgent care centers. We have successfully hundreds of campaigns to help urgent care clinic all across the US.

In the example below, you can see that a patient looking for an urgent care near them, is likely to click on the top area listings. If you have good reviews, then you are even more likely that patient would consider your urgent care practice.

What is SEO for Urgent Care Centers?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Successful SEO for an urgent care website will refine it so that search engines better understand the services you are offering. A search engine like Google’s overriding goal is to provide its users with the most relevant choices as quickly as possible. By applying SEO strategies to your website, you’ll become more and more relevant to your top keywords, making it more likely you’ll be presented as a top result. SEO is not like putting a sign on the front of your facility. You will not see effects overnight in most cases, and it is a slow build towards your goals.

Urgent care centers are a rapidly growing industry in the United States, and it is forecast to continue to grow. An urgent care center fills the gap between a regular doctor and an emergency room. A primary care physician is cost-effective, but there is often a wait to be seen by that person, and their office hours might be limited. An emergency room is always available but are often quite expensive. An urgent care center is more cost-effective than an emergency room. Usually, they have extended hours throughout the week and appointments are not needed.

As a result of this growing industry, competition has become intense in some areas. As more urgent care centers open, it is becoming increasingly difficult for these businesses to find the right people who need their services. Making sure your urgent care center’s website has a robust search engine optimization, or SEO, the strategy is vital to maintain and grow your patient count.

Why should I care about the SEO for my urgent care center?

When someone needs immediate care for a non-life threatening illness or injury, they know to head to an urgent care center. If they don’t have a preferred location, are new to the area, or maybe have never visited one before, they are going to look for one on the internet. Patients search on their computers or their mobile device, and the vast majority of people are going to search using Google or Bing. Many searches will use a phrase like “Urgent Care Philadelphia,” or “Walk-In Clinic Shillington.” Other searches will be broader like “Urgent Care Near Me” or “Walk-in Clinic” near me. They will review the results and then make their decision.

While search results will often present potential patients with thousands of choices, many people will not look beyond the first page of results. Some won’t even look past results that will appear on Google Maps or Bing Maps. If they need immediate care, they don’t have time to research dozens and dozens of choices. With that in mind, you need to be near or at the top of search results for keywords that best describe your business. You need to be easy to find online so people who aren’t familiar with your business but need your urgent care center’s services can find you.

Urgent Care Center Search Engine Optimization Tips


1. Run a Pay Per Click Campaign

Also known as a PPC Campaign, these are paid search results that appear above organic search results. While paying to be at the top of the page does not directly affect your website rankings, it will drive more traffic to your site. If your paid link is proving to be a relevant choice for people searching that keyword in your area, your website will start to look more and more authoritative to search engines. Another bonus of having paid ads is that you can still get in front of potential patients even if your organic rankings aren’t where you want them to be yet.

Google AdWords and Bing Ads are the two more popular PPC platforms. You will get the most bang for your buck if you spend time there developing a well crafted PPC campaign. Put together carefully worded PPC ads and start to see a steady flow of new patients.


2. Optimize your website for location-based keywords

Your website should have the keywords you want your patients to use to find you. So if you are offering “x-ray services outside of West Chester,” you should have that exact phrase several times on your website and definitely on your home page. You will want to have both basic phrases that are short and other “long tail” keywords that contain more than just a couple of words.

Including the name of the town your urgent care center is located is vital to ensure people in your area find you. You should also consider listing nearby towns, areas, or local landmarks in your content. For example, if there is a major shopping center nearby or if you are located near it, definitely include those details.

Avoid stuffing as many keywords as possible into your content. If you place too many keywords in your content, making it nonsensical and hard to read, you will hurt your search results, not help them. Keywords should flow naturally into your content and be on different pages that are relevant to the topic of that page. Your most important keywords should be on your home page, while others should have pages dedicated to them in terms of content.


3. Blog regularly – This means adding new content, updating and adding new pages

If there is one thing a search engine loves to see, it is a website that is continuously updating and adding new pages. Unless you plan on adding new services to your urgent care center, the best way to do this is to start and maintain a blog. There’s no need to be a best selling author to write a blog post, just continue to post regularly unique content covering a range of topics.

As an urgent care center, there are a plethora of topics for you to cover. You can write about things like:

• Your services and how patients could benefit from them
• Current seasonal health concerns like the flu or allergies
• Tips on staying healthy
• Other topics your patients want to learn more about.


4. Service pages should have unique content

Urgent care centers often offer similar services at their clinics. Make sure that your page has content that is unique to your website and tries not to match any content on other competitors sites. It will be challenging to have a webpage describing a service that is 100% unique. There are only so many ways for you to say, “Please call our front desk if you have a question.” However, you should strive to have that page be as unique as possible. Keep in mind you should also try to make sure none of your pages repeat content either. Ensure your pages are unique from each other.


5. Create and maintain social media channels

Social media channels, like Twitter or Facebook, won’t directly affect your overall rankings. However, they are important sites to link back to your site, and by posting links on these channels, you will drive more traffic to your website and could be linked elsewhere. This additional traffic will affect your SEO rankings. Social media channels are also opportunities for happy patients to talk about your clinic and tell others about the excellent service they received there. Social media is an excellent opportunity to get reviews about your business, which all plays a roll in SEO Rankings.

SEO for Urgent Care Centers is vital in the highly competitive healthcare industry. Unless you are the only urgent care center for miles and miles around, this should be one of your top concerns. Lockdown a good search engine optimization strategy and follow through with it. If you continue to update your SEO plan, you will stay a step ahead of your competitors!