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Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Patient Satisfaction Surveys for Medical Office HIPAA Compliant

Avoid 1. Fines 2. Loss of Business 3. Expensive Remediation 4. Loss of Patient Confidence

If your medical practice suffers a data breach or if it is found you’ve violated HIPAA compliance, you could suffer severe penalties. These include:

• Fines
• Loss of business license
• Expensive remediation
• Loss of patient confidence
• Damaging of online reputation

Patient Satisfaction Surveys for Medical Office HIPAA Compliant

What are the benefits of HIPAA Compliance?

Being HIPAA compliant isn’t an option, like offering online appointments. As a medical practice, you have been required by law to comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule and HIPAA Security Rule. This law has been in place since 1996 and has been modified a few times over the last two decades. It would benefit you as a business owner to familiarize yourself with the law to ensure you don’t accidentally wander into non-compliance. Understanding the law protects your business and helps reduce risks. Applying this to patient surveys affords you the same protection and the benefits of getting patient feedback.

How do I send surveys while maintaining HIPAA compliance?

Sending surveys with HIPAA compliance boils down to handling patient data. Sensitive data must be treated with care when being moved throughout your business, and when inquiries are sent out. What qualifies as sensitive information? This definition is spelled out in HIPAA laws, “PHI” or protected health information, and ePHI or electronic protected health information. Whenever this data is accessed, shared, stored, or transmitted, you need to know how it travels to understand your risk and possible non-compliance. When sending out a survey that is accessing a database, that access must be protected. uses the best data handling practices to maintain HIPAA Compliance. Our software has integrated security protocols that can securely access patient data to send out patient surveys. The digital landscape is full of new and emerging threats to data security. As a doctor, it would be challenging to keep up to date on everything going on in digital security and HIPAA compliance. The experts at are up to date and reviewing the latest news and best practices being discussed in the industry. We are continually updating our protocols and security to safely send out patient surveys with little risk for a data breach.

Patients will participate in surveys if they trust their data is protected by using HIPAA compliant surveys

News reports about massive data breaches appear every year. Each one always sends a flurry of emails to people about changing their passwords, canceling their credit cards, or monitoring their credit. People are keenly aware that data breaches are possible and that they happen all too often. A patient’s medical data is much more valuable to them than a store credit card. A data breach at a medical clinic or any other healthcare business can cause substantial harm to their reputation that will not be quickly undone. Using HIPAA compliant surveys reduces the risk of a data breach to your medical clinic. While HIPAA’s inner workings and security requirements are not well known by the general public, they know that being HIPAA compliant is a good thing. Having a comprehensive data protection plan for your patient surveys and security protocols will help them gain confidence and trust in your medical practice. It will also boost their participation, which is the overall goal of sending out a survey in the first place.

What is a proactive data protection plan?

Consider a regular data protection plan as a wall you put around your house or a moat. It is built, static, and remains there. However, walls can be climbed; moats can be crossed. It will work for a while, but someone is bound to figure out how to crack it. A proactive data protection plan adapts to emerging threats in the healthcare industry. While a regular data protection plan is a castle wall, a proactive data protection plan is a castle wall with an active garrison on the lookout for invaders. Your medical practice needs a proactive data protection plan for your entire business, including your patient surveys. uses a proactive data protection plan for our clients and applies it to the patient surveys we send out on their behalf. We are always monitoring the latest threats and updating our software to counteract them to keep your medical clinic HIPAA compliant. We apply all of the best data protection practices to our software, allowing you to control who has access to your data and track who it moves throughout your medical clinic. While the general public may not understand what goes into this plan, assuring them that your patient survey is protected by a proactive data protection plan to ensure long term HIPAA Compliance will build trust with them.

Applying HIPAA security standards to your patient surveys increases your bottom line

Spending money now protecting your data with your patient surveys means you will not have to spend more money later fixing a data breach and repairing damage to your reputation. Compare it to getting the brakes replaced on your car. Sure, your brakes will work fine at first, but over time they wear down. You can wait until they fail, but that could cause a lot more damage and cost a lot more than replacing them. If your patient survey leads to a wider data breach at your medical clinic, you may have to implement expensive remediation efforts required by HIPAA. It will cost more money to implement new systems, retrain your staff, buy new equipment, and submit reports to ensure you maintain compliance. Avoid that complete hassle and waste of money by using HIPAA compliant patient surveys today!

Call today and let us walk you through the patient surveys we use to help other clients get feedback from their patients. We can show you proven results and offer you top-notch data protection to ensure your entire medical clinic is HIPAA compliant. Make an appointment today, and let us help you grow your business!