6 Benefits of Patient Engagement Chatbots 

Benefits of Patient Engagement Chatbots 

Why you should consider adding Patient Engagement Chatbot app on your medical website. Costs are very affordable $100 to $400 per month. Includes free setup. No long contracts. 

Are you considering a patient engagement chatbot for your medical website? This marketing and engagement tactic is relatively new for the healthcare industry but has been deployed successfully for the retail sector. A patient engagement chatbot can be extremely useful for your medical practice and provide several benefits. Consider implementing one today so you can get a leg up on your competitors.

What Is A Chatbot?

A Chatbot is not a robot that sits in your lobby, keeping your patients’ company while they wait for their appointment. It is software that lives on your website, ready to help patients and engage with them. A chatbot mimics human conversation and chats with patients trying to direct them to the information they want or accomplish a task, like making an appointment. Doctors can build a database of commonly asked questions and the answers to them. Most chatbots will learn over time and become more efficient. They are a great addition to any website for a medical practice. The experience with a chatbot is much like an automated phone answering system, except over text. Many patients will already be familiar with the process as it simulates a conversation over instant messaging. A well-designed chatbot will have a very human-like conversation with the website visitor.

1. Never Off The Job

A great benefit of a chatbot is that it does not go home at the end of the day. It is always active on your website. That means it is available when you turn the lights off at night and in the wee hours of the morning when someone needs an answer to a healthcare question. Many websites certainly have all the information they think a patient may need, but the person visiting the website may have a hard time finding it. A chatbot at all hours of the day is available to assist them.

2. Saves Staff Time

Take a moment and check-in with your staff. If you asked everyone to write down the most frequently asked questions they answer daily, chances are everyone is going to have a very similar list. You can save your staff time by allowing patients and potential patients to ask these questions online. This will enable them to focus their efforts on the more complex needs of patients, solving them quicker, giving everyone a better experience. In addition, it can make the spirits of your staff a little better. They might not realize their tone is getting less pleasant each time they answer the same question over and over again. Less repetition is better for everyone!

3. Captures Potential Leads

If no one can answer the phone or can’t return an email in a timely manner, there is a good chance that someone is going to move on to another health care choice. This choice could be your competitor! A patient engagement chatbot will capture these leads for you by providing the information or helping them make appointments. For those questions or needs a chatbot can not solve, it will obtain that lead’s information and send it to your staff for follow up. Since a chatbot will screen many patients and help them with their requests, any lead sent by the chatbot should be considered a high priority for immediate follow up.

4. Becomes More Efficient Over Time

A chatbot isn’t just another piece of equipment that sits there, like an x-ray machine. It becomes more efficient over time and useful to a medical practice. As it answers more and more questions and forwards questions to staff, you can see patterns develop. A medical practice can add additional questions and answers to the database, make it better, and directing fewer requests to your staff. It will get better over time and continue to be more and more useful!

5. Reduces Personnel Cost

Previously, if the phone was ringing so much that staff couldn’t get their other work done, you would have to hire another employee. Some medical practices hire someone who’s only job is to handle incoming phone calls and returned overnight messages. Again, many of these questions were the same and could quickly be answered by a chatbot. Instead of hiring one or two people to handle your phones, deploying a chatbot solution can save you money and time! Plus, it can provide many patients with immediate answers to their questions. This will make your medical practice an attractive option for a healthcare solution and prevents a lead from researching a competitor while waiting to hear back from you.

6. Makes Patient Experience More Enjoyable 

For better or worse, we live in an “On-Demand” culture where people need to have things right away. Next day shipping, online streaming, and even dating apps try to get something to their consumers as quickly as possible. This mindset has led to many changes in healthcare, including the rapid growth of urgent care centers. Using a chatbot to answer patient questions is only a natural direction to go. A patient engagement chatbot can immediately provide answers to a potential patient, satisfying their immediate need for information. Another thing chatbot can possibly do for your medical practice is to help a patient make an appointment. This is an incredibly powerful way to convert a lead into a patient, especially in the middle of the night, when no one is awake. If a potential patient is looking at your website at 3 am in the morning and wants to make an appointment, it is for a definite need. Being able to assist them like this will only add to their positive experience and potential glowing review.

Chatbots are going to become more and more common on healthcare websites and also become more advanced. Waiting to deploy them to your site is like waiting to have a mobile-friendly website. If you wait too long, you are going to be playing catch up to your competitors. Use a patient engagement chatbot today to improve your patient’s overall experience and to take some of the workloads off of your employees. It will benefit everyone working at your medical practice and coming in for services. Call PatientGain.com today and ask how we can help you use this excellent marketing tool.