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Urgent Care Online Marketing – Conversion Website

An Intelligent Conversion Website is designed to maximize capture of leads and convert to patients. It should be extremely automated. And best of all there is no cost. If you are an Urgent Care, Walk-in Clinic or a Primary Care – The website is totally free.

An Intelligent Conversion Website is designed to maximize capture of leads

Its a given that your website and mobile site should be attractive and represent your brand.

Beyond looking nice, functionality and intelligence is important also. Your investment in an intelligent conversion website is probably going to produce the best return on investment (ROI). An intelligent website for your Urgent Care business must have some of these features.

1. Search engine (Google) optimized site – about 78% of your traffic is likely to come from Google related searches by your prospects

2. A/B tested design – so there is no guess work

3. Optimized call-to-action design

4. Conversion site should have no lead-leakage components

5. You should be able to add/change/update the content

6. Optimized for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) with specific landing pages

7. Intelligent apps behind the site so information about visitors is captured

8. Mobile site should be part of the same main site and it should be simple and consise with focus on desired actions of mobile users

9. Alerts system & dashboards to communicate with the business owner

10. Connected to Social Media (like Facebook) so you can leverage your offers, promotions, past newsletters, current blogs etc. are automatically updated on Social Media sites