Facebook Advertising For Doctors – Simple to Implement 

Facebook Apps & Website Apps with HIPAA Compliance, Facebook Advertising Try SILVER Package. Top Clinics in USA Use The Same Apps and Service. 

An Effective Patient Marketing Strategy Requires Much More than a Website and Social Media Posts.  To win online, you must advertise and you must have a Patient Marketing & Engagement Strategy in place.  PatientGain.com has 10 apps & services focused on Facebook Marketing For Doctors. SILVER Package for those practices who have a nice website but want to use additional strategies to gain an unfair advantage. This package is used in conjunction with your website and Facebook Business Page – If you do not have a Facebook Business page we will create it and add 5 essential HIPAA Compliant apps for Facebook Advertising For Doctors. 



6 Pillars of Success for Medical Practices
6 Pillars of Success for Medical Practices

With PatientGain.com’s Facebook Apps and Website Apps, you’ll be able to put intelligence and software automation behind your Facebook, social media, Emails & mobile, allowing your clinic to convert more prospect patients, increase patient recalls, prevent broken appointments, and keep both current and past patients engaged with your clinic. All data from PatientGain.com’s apps is stored in HIPAA Compliant CRM.


10 Apps & Services Included – For Website & Facebook Business Page 


1. Social Media Marketing & Advertising

PatientGain.com Offers 4 Social Media Apps For Your Facebook Business Page & Website.

These apps are integrated with your clinic’s Facebook Business Page and PatientGain.com CRM.  Turn your social media presence into an effective and automated patient acquisition strategy. We will run, optimize and manage your Advertising Campaigns for your Facebook Business Page & Website. Read more about online advertising for healthcare practices here.

2. Reputation Management For Healthcare Practices

Online Reputation Management Can be a Headache or a Winning Strategy for Doctors & Clinics. Only 28 Percent of the time it is Patient-Physician related.

72% Of the patients who are unhappy and who post negative feedback on Google and Yelp are not doing so because of the Patient-Physician experience; they are unhappy due to billing issues, incorrect deductible payment, rude front desk person, lack of perceived patient focus, improper handling of the paper-work, long wait time or impolite response from a clinic staff member ( non-physician ). 28% of the time it is Patient-Physician related. Read more about Reputation Management For Healthcare Practices here. Apps include SMS/text based reviews, Email based reviews, Facebook based reviews and In-Lobby based reviews.  All 4 Apps are included.

3. Monthly Email Campaigns For Doctors – It’s Included

Every month PatientGain.com creates a new newsletter for your medical practice based on services you offer. Newsletter Apps are included and integrated with your clinic’s Facebook Business Page and PatientGain.com CRM.

Every month a professional Newsletter is created for your medical clinic. Yearly, 12 monthly Newsletters and 6 Seasonal Newsletters are included with the PatientGain.com SILVER Package.  Read more about ROI and using Email Marketing for your healthcare practice.

4. Patient CRM – HIPAA Compliant – It’s Included

HIPAA Compliant CRM capture information, service requests, appointments and call back requests from Facebook Business Page. Sends you alerts using Email or SMS/Texts.

Apps integrated with your Website and Facebook page are connected to PatientGain.com’s Patient CRM and it is HIPAA Compliant. Includes dozens of features to improve your online lead capture and conversion. PatientGain.com’s CRM is totally integrated with other platform features such as the Online Appointment App, Email Campaign Manager, and Patient Reviews App. Effective Patient Relationship Management is a necessity for clinics striving to be a successful business.

5. Facebook Promotions For Healthcare Practices

Our designers and project managers know your healthcare business. We know your patients. We create compelling promotions and these promotions are added to your Facebook Business Page.  We sends you alerts when patients redeem promotions using Email or SMS/Texts. Your HIPAA Compliant CRM stores all activity and presents nice dashboards for tracking purposes.

PatientGain.com creates effective promotions on a monthly basis for use on your website, Social Media, and Email marketing. Our Specials App provides you with promotions designed to bring in new patients, and drive recalls and referrals.

6. Google Posting App 

Content Based Posts – Based on Your Specialty.  Simple To Use. Setup is Included. 5 Steps Process  for Google Content Marketing for Physicians

Step 1.  Specify your medical services.
Step 2.  Content created for your medical specialty based on your services.
Step 3.  Content and Posts are Localized for EACH location and EACH Google Business Page.
Step 4.  Content  can be posted immediately or scheduled
Step 5.  Content Published on your Google Business Page as Posts 

7. Track All Calls From Facebook & Website

We will install Call-Tracking App on your Facebook Business Page & Website. This app is integrated with your clinic’s PatientGain.com CRM.  See who is calling your clinic and when they are calling you. Is your front-desk answering the phone?

Never miss a call again. See who is calling your clinic, when the calls occurred, and listen to calls for staff responses. Improve your online lead tracking and measure the return on your advertising spend. Learn more.  

8. Online Appointments for Physicians – HIPAA Compliant

Over 92 percent of medical clinics know that they need to improve how they communicate with their patients, but often don’t have the tools or time to make changes to their communication strategy. Also 26% of your patient calls end up in your voice mail.

Your patients love convenience. With online appointment scheduling from Facebook Business Page & Website, it’s never been easier for them to quickly find a medical provider, and set-up a time to be seen. By including appointment scheduling apps on your clinic’s website, your patients can easily see your availability, and pick out a time that works for them. Patients who find your website online are more likely to visit you when they can quickly and easily schedule a visit online. Patients can either Book a Time OR Request a Time directly from Facebook. This app is HIPAA Compliant.  Increases your Patient Conversion and Patient Engagement. Learn more.

9. Auto-Responders for Healthcare Practices

Auto responders help you reply to interactions that require a quick response when you’re not around, or too busy to get to the message immediately. They also save time so you’re not having to type out each response individually. For any medical practice, they are a must.

Your patients love convenience. With online appointment scheduling from Facebook Business Page, it’s never been easier for them to quickly find a medical provider, and set-up a time to be seen. Let technology and automation be your friend. Setup context-based responses to your inquiries, appointment requests, FAQs, and more. Address prospect patients by name and respond 24/7 effortlessly.

10. Facebook EMR Connector for Healthcare Practices

Simply put, PatientGain.com’s app acquires requests from Facebook Business Page and add them securely into your EMR – per HIPAA guidelines. PatientGain.com has a HIPAA compliant EMR Connector. It allows you to capture patient information from your Website & Facebook interactions and adds to your EMR. This app works using HTTPS and SSL.  API Access to your EMR is required.

There is no technical involvement from your team. We handle all details. You simply need to have access to your EMR or Practice management system’s API. Learn more.


Simple App Collects Reviews From The Web. You Decide Which Ones To Display.  73% Of The Patients Look at Your Practice’s Reviews or Your Service Reviews. Highlight Your POSITIVE Reviews and Minimize Negative Reviews.

As you build a roster of Positive Reviews on the most important sites, like Google, Facebook and Yelp, now take your strategy to the next level. Select the best reviews, add them to your awesome medical marketing website, and increase your conversion.  See examples.

Unburden Your Medical Clinic
Unburden Your Medical Clinic
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