SEO For The Healthcare Industry

SEO For The Healthcare Industry

Why Is It So Difficult? This Is a Common Question Asked By Doctors & Practice Managers Every Day. We Can Help Explain.

If you have a business in the healthcare industry, your SEO strategy needs to be well developed. A great website and top-notch doctors inside your medical practice aren’t going to generate much in the way of revenue if people can not find your website. Your website is going to be the first touchpoint for many potential patients. Once you have a stellar SEO strategy in place, it will serve as the fuel that will drive the engine of patient conversation on your website. To have an effective SEO strategy for your healthcare business, you need to be proficient in the areas mentioned below.

Effective SEO For healthcare industry Requires Proficiency in 6 Important Areas:

Secret No 1. Healthcare industry knowledge and content writing skills

To talk about what your business can do for a potential patient, you need to know exactly what your doctors can do for them. You will not be able to convert many website visitors into patients if you speak in vague terms or if you do not know what you are talking about. Having knowledge about the healthcare field your business operates in is crucial, and it is okay if you do not know every single detail of it. Rely on the doctors who work at you practice to review content to make sure it is accurate and ask for feedback to see if you are missing any essential keywords or terms.

Being able to write content that is unique, engaging, and informative isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is a skill that must be developed and continuously refined to produce better and better results. To rank higher in searches, you must be able to write content for your website that is unlike any content elsewhere from your competitors. The more rich content you write, the more authoritative your website will be, making it relevant to search results. This will drive up your rankings, and you’ll be a top choice for those looking to solve a healthcare need.

Secret No 2. Expertise in Search Engine Optimization algorithms (SEO), digital best practices, and patient behavior

How SEO works is complicated and is in constant change. Effective SEO strategies three years ago may not work so well today, and trends that were all the rage six years ago may hurt your website. You need to understand how search engine algorithms work. This difficulty is compounded by the fact that search engine companies, like Google, often do not release data about how their algorithms work or when they make an update. Keeping up with the latest news in this area is the only way to stay ahead of the curve.

Your website also should follow the best digital practices. Site speed, smooth user experience, and the lack of pop-up ads are just a few practices that must be implemented to make your website stand out. Much like search engine algorithms, these digital practices are also always changing. Another thing that changes is patient behavior. Five years ago, many patients still viewed health care websites on their desktop computers. Today, it is more likely they will see your site on a mobile device. Knowing how patients arrive at your website and what they are most likely to do will help you develop a website that will boost your conversions.

Secret No 3. Website development (specifically we like WordPress) and technical knowledge about online marketing

Once a website is developed and launched, it must be maintained. Unfortunately, websites break down, and they do require maintenance like a car. A website developer must be available to help keep your site up to date with any technical changes or updates that must be installed. The software your website is built on is often updated, and not all updates interact well with other aspects of your website, like chatbots or other apps. You will need that technical knowledge on hand and available to help you quickly problem solve any website breakdowns you might encounter.

Another area of technical knowledge your business would benefit from is how to design your website with an online marketing perspective in mind. There are many behind the scenes things that can be done to help improve the overall rank of your website. While the content you see and the pictures that are posted play a significant role, minor tweaks and adjustments with unseen website factors can boost their effectiveness. Knowledge like this is generally held by someone who has had moderate to substantial experience with website design. Hiring someone who knows what they are doing can really help as opposed to guessing what to tinker with on your website.

Secret No 4. Conversion apps and detailed knowledge about which apps convert better than others

Many website providers have a variety of apps to convert website visitors into patients. Some are effective, while others are only effective at generating fees for a website provider. Knowing what to look for in these apps is critical to make sure you are spending your marketing money effectively. Apps should be able to capture patient information easily, the store the information securely, be easily accessible, and be user friendly. A website app should also provide a potential patient with some useful functions, like contacting the practice, making an appointment, or helping them find the right webpage. 

Secret No 5. A Dynamic software platform designed to adapt to changes with trends and technology – Meaning “future-proof” technology

The software and platform your website is built on are almost as essential as the website itself. The trends and technology used in website design and how it interacts with search engine algorithms changes year to year. Software that is popular today may become obsolete and abandoned years from now. What you want to avoid is building a website on technology that is no longer supported or widely used. Once something falls out of favor, security updates are no longer created, and web designers are no longer improving it to function in a changing internet environment. At one time, many businesses housed their websites on hardware located inside their buildings. They were limited by the hardware they bought and often could not afford upgrades or updates. This led to a website running on software that was obsolete years ago, connected to customer service software that was decades older. Today, much of that can be avoided with cloud-based systems.

Secret No 6. World-Class support behind your technology platform system

Website? Check. A/B Tested? Fast loading time? Check. Great content that is engaging? Check. You now want to add a feature onto your website that, previously, you declined. How does one do that? Easy, you consult the support behind your website. You shouldn’t be expected to know the ins and outs of your website, just like a website developer shouldn’t be expected to know the ins and outs of an illness or injury. Having a support team that is responsive and strives to achieve your goals is a must-have for any medical practice to keep nimble with the changing demands for your website and your SEO Strategy.

If you or your website provide is proficient in these six areas, it should ease the ability to administer an SEO Strategy to improve the ranking of your website!  Read more about medical SEO here.

5 Important Medical SEO Lessons Learned

1) It Takes Money and It’s Hard

2) It Takes Time & Patience, But It’s Important

3) It Is Difficult – Google Changes Algorithms Regularly

4) It Is A Multi-Step Complex Process Rather Than One Time “Task”

5) A Professional Team Will Produce Better Results Than D.I.Y (and Much Quicker)

If you want same week results, you should consider online advertising for doctors Both of these approaches and strategies compliment each other, they do not replace each other.  Long term online success for your medical practice is based on excellent SEO rankings for your practice.  It will take time and money, and it is not easy, anything else is very likely a sales pitch.  Investing in medical SEO for your medical practice is very likely the best investment you will make in your medical practice. However, it is complex and is not easy. Here are some examples of ROI for Medical Marketing.

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8 Important elements of your medical website:

1)  It must be mobile optimized – Beyond mobile friendly.

2)  It must be optimized for conversion.

3)  Content must be fresh, relevant, non-plagiarized.

4)  SEO Optimized for Google search engine.

5)  Based on WordPress (or other proven platforms).

6)  Secure and HIPAA Compliant. 

7)  Should promote and build your brand.

8)  Must be pretty, attractive and branded with your own brand.

8 Reasons Why Content Is Important. 

Your Content Is the Single Most Important Factor in Your Online Success. 

1. Content defines your brand.
2. Content expresses who you are, how you conduct your business.
3. Content is read by the Search Engines – and this results in GOOD or POOR rankings – You should NEVER copy content from another site.  Checking ideas from other websites is OK, but copying content is like shooting yourself in the foot.
4. Content can make your marketing flourish.
5. Content can make your advertising irresistible.
6. Social media loves GOOD content.
7. Email marketing with good quality content will give you higher open-rates.
8. Best of all – Patients LOVE Useful content.