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Patient Reviews For Facebook

Healthcare Reputation Management For Doctors $299/mon Using Facebook Likes. Reviews App Now Includes Reputation Management for Facebook. Included in GOLD Plus Package with No Extra Cost. Contact (650) 469-1313.

Reputation Marketing using your Facebook audience has never been easier. Thousands of medical clinics struggle every day to fill their calendar with patients. Despite having a great location, a dedicated and professional medical staff, proper equipment, and hard earned certifications and qualifications, their daily patient counts aren’t where they’d like them to be. Many clinics don’t realize that what they are missing is online expertise and a sophisticated software solution to power their patient acquisition efforts. These days, your clinic’s strategy for generating new patients online has to be more than just having a good looking website. Facebook advertising and marketing for doctors can be quite easy, if’s HIPAA Compliant apps are installed on your Facebook Business Page.  Reputation Marketing using your Facebook audience has never been easier.

There are 5 Apps Available for Doctors and Medical Practices. $299/mon

Executing a successful patient acquisition strategy online requires much more than a website. One of the major changes in patient behavior is how they search for and reach doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers. As patients search for medical services, they typically start with Google search and type in “Pain management doctor in orlando”  or a similar search. They may also type “urgent care near me” or they search for a specific service like “ed okc” – in this case the patient is searching for Erectile Dysfunction in Oklahoma City. Our data shows that 78% of these searches are on Google. Yahoo & Bing is approximately 11% combined. All others are rest.  There is a new trend: People are searching on Facebook also.  This opens up new opportunities for Medical Practices and Doctors.  Our data shows that Facebook Likes can be used to acquire more Positive Reviews on Google, Yelp & HealthGrades.

Reputation Management Is Very Important For You Medical Practice

Over 72% Of the patients who are unhappy and who post negative feedback on Google and Yelp are not doing so because of the Patient-Physician experience; they are unhappy due to billing issues, incorrect deductible payment, rude front desk person, lack of perceived patient focus, improper handling of the paper-work, long wait time or impolite response from a clinic staff member ( non-physician ). 28% of the time it is Patient-Physician related.

Let’s face it – as patients leave your medical practice, either they are happy with the service, unhappy or somewhere in the middle. With a little bit of focus and excellent software on your side, you can turn the entire patient experience into a winning strategy for your practice. Unhappy, disgruntled patients can destroy the reputation of a dedicated doctor. So your strategy should be to proactively address this issue.

Reputation Management is very important for you medical practice. It is included in the GOLD package.


Medical Marketing Made Simple Using Your Patient’s Reviews

At we have achieved great success for our customers. We have also learned that success rule of 80/20 still applies in online reputation for doctors and clinics. There are hundreds of online reputation sites. More than 80% of your success is likely to come from Google Reviews and YELP Reviews.  Other review sites are still useful to your clinic’s online strategy, but much less so than these two. All other sites, Healthgrades & Vitals and several others, are good sites but if your strategy to be the dominant medical practice in your target area, recommends your should should focus on Google Reviews first – Achieve 100 Reviews with 4.5 ranking or higher, then Yelp and Facebook, and then others. You will see the best results by using this plan.

So what should be your strategy?  Should you have a simple app that allows to capture reviews from patients as they are about to leave your practice?  Should you send them surveys?  Unfortunately these techniques may work on a limited number of reputation sites, but the most important reputation sites, Google and Yelp, their algorithms are likely to filter or  blacklist your patient reviews if they are all being submitted from the same computer, same IP address, or same location. It is easy to track originating reviews and testimonials. So if its too easy, it is likely to have an adverse effect on your reputation, rather than increasing your reputation.

Reputation Management Can be a Headache

Where do you start? Google, Yelp, Facebook or HealthGrades?

Of all the review sites,’s data shows that Google Reviews is the most influential for new patient acquisition and existing patient engagement. Next is Facebook and Yelp reviews.  All other sites are important but much less than these review sites.  If it is easy to get reviews on a website, then it will not have long term value to you. For example, for Google and Yelp reviews – it is a a lot harder to get legitimate reviews than lets say Healthgrades review website, so’s data shows that you must focus on these two review sites first.  For Google reviews, your target should be 4.5 ratings or higher and 100 reviews or more. On Yelp reviews, your target should be 4.2 ratings or higher and 50 reviews or more. If you achieve these numbers you will be in excellent shape, and then can focus on other review sites.