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Over 92 percent of medical clinics know that they need to improve how they communicate with their patients, but often don’t have the tools or time to make changes to their communication strategy. provides clinics all across the US with powerful software that makes delivering numerous types of Healthcare communications a simple and automated process. From sending between-visit wellness surveys, to automated appointment reminders, and effective outreach communications,’s platform contains dozens of ways for you to improve your interactions with patients. We’ve created our technology with a goal in mind: to help healthcare providers improve their patient’s wellness as well as their relationship with their current and past patients.

Patient Engagement For Medical Clinics
Patient Engagement For Medical Clinics

Healthcare communication issues are often the reason why so many patients don’t follow their treatment plans. Improving your communication with patients helps ensure that they follow their healthcare treatment plans, and allows you to encourage them to make behavioral changes for a healthier life. From reminding patients to take the full amount of prescribed medication, to communicating the necessity of upcoming follow-up appointments, to timely communications regarding proactive health advisory’s, enables your clinic to send out a wide variety of timely communication to keep you and your patients as active partners in good health, between clinic visits. With’s healthcare communication software you’re able to reduce broken appointments, reactivate and continue care, and support your patients’ ongoing wellness.

HIPAA Chatbot For Doctors
HIPAA Chatbot For Doctors’s robust Healthcare Communication platform allows your clinic to effectively connect with your patients, helping to improve their health and their relationship with your clinic. Our software allows you to effectively bridge the communication gap with electronic and SMS outreach that is backed by a HIPAA secure system to ensure your patients’ information is handled correctly. Comprehensive tracking and a wide variety of applications will allow your clinic to manage your patient communication better than it ever has before.

 Healthcare Communication platform
Healthcare Communication platform

Here are just a few of the different ways that can help improve your patient communication

  • Email & SMS Appointment Reminders
  • Recall Notifications
  • Wellness & Preventive Care Communication Campaigns
  • Patient Outreach & Reactivation
  • Appointment Follow-up Communication
  • HIPAA compliant medical chatbot
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