Patient Engagement Chatbot

Patient Gain Engagement Chatbot

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Generally in the medical industry there are 2 types of chatbots.

1. Medical Marketing ChatBots 

Designed to convert a visiting patient (on your website) to a paying patient. These are called Medical Marketing ChatBots. They are not designed to diagnose any specific medical conditions. They have 2 important roles.

A) Existing patient – direct them to a specific information. Like how to reach the office after hours. Access to patient portal etc. 

B) New potential patient – as a potential patient lands on your website, you have 15 seconds to engage them. So the medical marketing ChatBot should “walk” the potential patient through specific questions and steps so they can eventually become your patient.

2. Medical Symptom ChatBots 

Health chatbots ask patients a series of questions – so the ChatBot can understand basic information, the condition of a patient – this is very much like the front desk staff in a clinic, who would ask 1) Do you have a fever? 2) Are you in pain? so to understand their symptoms and then the ChatBot sends the data to doctor, who can provide diagnoses and prescribe medicine in real time.


PatientGain’s Engagement Chatbot App

What is a Medical Chatbot?

A bot is nothing more than software that will perform automatic tasks within given parameters. The “Chat” part of a Chatbot indicates that it is primarily designed to interact and chat with patients and potential patients. Since our chatbot works in the healthcare industry, it is a Medical Chatbot. A chatbot is designed to have a conversation or a discussion with a real human. Depending on how the person responds or chats with the bot, it will return answers as programed into it.  

The experience a patient has with our medical chatbot is similar to that of an instant messaging system. Our software will replicate the patterns humans have when interacting with others. The software then begins to learn by itself without programming how to process natural language. It will simulate human conversations to allow for interaction between a patient and the bot, located on your website. Our chatbot is somewhat similar to an automated voice system on a customer helpline where you state your question, and then it provides answers to you. PatientGain’s medical chatbot works via text and typing. 

One of the advantages of having a Medical Chatbot is that it works independently from any of your staff members. It can read questions, formulate answers, and respond as a real person would. These responses are written out using predefined scripts so that everyone gets the same answer to the same question. It will draw from a knowledge database available to it to formulate responses. Our Medical Chatbot will answer many of the common questions patients have, and then send any questions beyond its the capability to a staff member to handle. Each time a query is sent forward, there is an opportunity to program that question and answer into the Medical Chatbot. Eventually, our chatbot on your website will mature and learn more answers to more questions. 

How can I use a Medical Chatbot at my medical practice?  

At the moment, there is not widespread adoption of medical chatbots in the healthcare industry. Employing our solution to your website will make you stand out among your competitors. This trend in healthcare is likely to grow over the next several years as health services become more patient-focused. Patients are looking for personalized healthcare provided to them in a timely manner. A medical chatbot can help achieve some of those goals for your medical practice.

Embracing this technology brings your customer service abilities to a whole new level without hiring and paying people to handle incoming questions from patients. In the past, a patient might have accepted the process of leaving a message for a question and wait to be called back with the answer. In today’s “on-demand” digital world, patients expect their healthcare questions to be answers as quickly as it takes to order a streaming movie. Delays can irritate patients, leading to a negative experience or, worse, choosing another health care provider for their medical issue.  

Using a medical chatbot to augment your current staff to handle customer service questions is a cost-effective way to increase the satisfaction of your patients and provide them with the information they need. This technology allows your staff to focus on more complicated, in-depth questions without making other patients wait for the easy answers to their common questions. Our Medical Chatbot can be programmed to answer questions about:

  • Nutrition
  • Medication
  • Symptoms
  • Hours of operation
  • Address
  • Services available
  • Other medical queries

You will be surprised how many questions can be answered quickly with our chatbot solution. Any question that isn’t answered can be directed to the staff or the doctor. If a new common question becomes apparent, it too can be programmed into the chatbot for your convenience. is a certified premier google partner for healthcare.

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