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Outcome-Driven Patient Engagement Used By The Top Clinics In USA

The Four Stages of Outcome-Driven Patient Engagement Maturity

Data collected from hundreds of medical websites and thousands of online campaigns suggests that patient engagement starts before a patient becomes a patient. Before a patient walks into a clinic, medical practice, or a healthcare facility, prospect patients are often engaging with healthcare businesses on the web before they call or walk-in. Around 78 Percent of prospect patients search for medical services online before selecting a provider. They may be searching on Google for “Urgent Care in El Cajon CA“, looking at a clinic’s online ratings and reviews, their website, or their social media page. provides your medical clinic with cloud-based secure HIPAA compliant apps that help you execute a outcome-driven patient engagement strategy. Top medical clinics use these apps every day to acquire new patients and keep them engaged with their practice. Healthcare business owners have a wide range of engagement strategies implementation, but most owners go through four stages of maturity.

Engage With Patients Using SMS & EMail Marketing

Stage 1 – Realization

In this stage, the healthcare organization, medical clinic, or doctor’s practice has realized that patient engagement is key to better customer satisfaction, and is also a driver for increasing revenue per patient. They’ve learned about the importance of digital patient engagement from a web article ( like this one ) or a conference or colleague. Our country and society is becoming increasingly connected to the internet. These strategies are beyond providing EMR access to existing patients so they can have access to their medical history. The easiest way to engage with patients is by using communication channels that are preferred by patients. This then raises the question: what are patients using these days to communicate?  The answer is social media, mobile devices, and the web.  Ensuring that your clinic adopts web-based apps, mobile, and social media technology is crucial to the successful implementation for outcome-driven patient engagement.  One example of this is HIPAA compliant patient surveys.

Stage 2 – Initial Steps

At this stage the healthcare organization is actively seeking ways to start engaging with existing and new patients.  Doctors and business owners have started collecting email addresses from patients and perhaps have set up a social media page for their business on Facebook, Google+, or Yelp.   Often, owners and doctors at this level have begun some initial efforts in digital marketing by attempting some campaigns, but don’t have the expertise or tools to send quality content that engages their patients on a regular basis.  A great example of a tool designed to help clinics at this level of patient engagement is’s HIPAA compliant patient monthly newsletters, which utilize useful information and promotions to improve recalls and patient communication.

Stage 3 – Engaged Clinic

At this stage the healthcare organization is engaged with their patients and is regularly interacting with patients online.  Clinics and practices at this level focus on and execute strategies for the key aspects of patient engagement.  There is a dedicated focus within the healthcare organization to gather feedback from patients.   Online reputation is vital for engaging potential patients, and so clinics at this level are actively monitoring and improving their ratings and reviews online.  Monthly email newsletters are being sent to keep their current and past patients engaged with the clinic.  Owners and doctors have also ensured that their website is no longer a static web-page; it has ability for patients to send requests for appointments, make secure payments, and send messages to the clinic.  The clinic’s website also ensures that all online communication and interaction between patients and the clinic taking place through the website is secure and compliant with the HIPAA Security rule. Occasionally, steps have been taken to allow patients to check-in online.

A very applicable and good example of patient engagement app is’s HIPAA compliant Patient Reviews application. This app maximizes positive reviews and minimizes negative reviews for Google+ and Yelp Reviews. 78% of the patients look up medical clinics and doctors online, and it’s vital that your clinic prominently displays a glowing testimonials and reviews from the review sites that patients know and trust.

Stage 4 – Optimized

At this stage the healthcare organization’s patient engagement strategy is optimized, and has achieved a profitable level of consistent patient visits. Beyond the dedicated focus on proactive outcome-driven patient engagement, the business is focused on reputation management, social media, online advertising, and using technology to stay ahead of the competition.  Building brand awareness and improving how patients perceive the healthcare organization is an ongoing concern for the clinic management. Organizations at this level have also has taken steps to be competitive and stay ahead of rest of the competition by utilizing new software tools and strategies to continually improve their engagement strategies.

No matter what stage of maturity your clinic or medical practice is, can help you develop a more effective patient engagement strategy. offers a complete solution for all four stages of outcome-driven patient engagement for doctors and medical clinics. is a certified premier google partner for healthcare.

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