Online Marketing For Dentists

Online Marketing For Dentists in 6 Simple Steps

Patient acquisition costs for dentists can be anywhere from $5 to $19 per new patient in most US areas. New patient acquisition costs vary due to your specific dental practice discipline, local online competition, software used and online techniques embedded in your web strategy.

Most dental offices and practices have a great location, a dedicated and professional medical staff, proper equipment, and many hard earned certifications and qualifications.  They’ve got the tools, knowledge, and ambition to provide amazing medical care to their community.  However, they struggle to fill their calendar.

But they don’t have to.  GOLD Solution costs $699/mon

Many dental offices aren’t able to acquire the patients they need to keep their practice in good financial health due to a lack of an effective online advertising strategy.  Some practices have taken some of the first steps by getting a website, but they lack the tools and strategy to drive visitors to them online.

6 steps for success for dental practice marketing

Step No 1.

As medical practitioners, we have to realize that patient behavior is changing.  Patients are now looking for dental services online. 88 percent of dental patients search online for dental services and dentists.  So you must be present on the Web.  60 percent to 72 percent of patients look for your services, check your online reviews, using a mobile device. Make sure that you have website that is focused on Mobile Marketing for Dentists.  Here is an example of great ( and free Mobile, responsive and intelligent) website:

Step No 2.

Focus on Search Engine Optimization – So website shows  on the first page of Google, in organic results, Maps and google business listing for your major search terms. Major search terms are like “Dentist in Palo Alto CA”  – In this case a prospect patient is searching for a dentist located in Palo Alto California.  Read more about SEO for Doctors here 

Step No 3.

Search Engine Marketing  or SEM  is extremely effective.  However it is costly, however we have seen excellent ROI for PPC Advertising for Dentists and Doctors in general.  To read more about Pay-Per-Click AKA PPC Advertising for Dentists, please see this page. 

Step No 4.

Facebook marketing for Dentists and Doctors can help your practice engage patients.  There are millions of potential patients online. You also ability to focus on local Facebook users you are close to your practice.   To read more about Facebook Marketing for Dentists and Doctors, please go here. 

Step No 5.

Email Marketing is a vital for clinics and doctors, as it helps you promote your healthcare brand, engage with your patients, and even re-activate past patients.  To run effective campaigns, your clinic needs to have a clean data, and a targeted list of patients that you’re marketing to.

You also need to make sure that you understand your patient’s behavior. 62% of your patients are reading your Emails on Mobile Devices!!! Is your Email Marketing Mobile Optimized ?  Read more about Email Marketing for Dentists and Doctors. 

Step No 6.  Follow a Proven Pattern.

Let’s face it – There must be some pattern of success for the top dental clinics. has developed a solution to the problem of patient acquisition, and has helped medical industry leaders across the US drastically improve their patient generation and patient communication.  Patient acquisition costs can be anywhere from $5 to $19 per new dental patient in most US areas, and if your practice is located in a competitive area, your costs can be even higher.  Patient acquisition does not have to be a confusing and unknown area for dentists.  By looking at leading dental clinics and medical practices, you can better understand how your practice should design your patient acquisition strategy. Dentists and practice owners have vastly differing levels of promotional experience and sophistication but, they all need help. can help. is a proven medical marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.

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