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Online Marketing and Advertising For Laser Skin Care & MedSpa Clinics. $699/mon

As A Business Owner Or A Business Manager For A Skin Care, Laser Skin Care, Medical Esthetics, Microblading Eyebrows, Facials, Botox, Sculpsure, Microneedling, Acne and Anti-Aging Facials, Or Tattoo Removal Business, You Constantly Have To Juggle With Priorities.

How do you market your business and at the same time offer excellent services to your clients?

The cost of each new lead varies from area to area- but generally you can generate qualified leads in the range of $7 to $19 per lead.

Until now, business owners had to struggle to be successful in online advertising and marketing. There are many pieces of the puzzle to be successful online. First you need a proper, professional website, mobile site, Facebook, and business page. Your website should be advertised properly to your targeted customers, and should capture the leads- and if they call you, capture every phone call. The website should have specials and promotions software applications, so you can manage your specials easily. It should also provide easy-to-use online appointments. Customers should be able to stay in touch with you through custom Email Marketing.

The cost of each new lead varies from area to area- but generally you can generate qualified leads in the range of $7 to $19 per lead.

Internet Marketing Strategy For Medical Esthetics Clinics

Your internet marketing strategy needs to include three main areas to be effective and compete with other businesses who are targeting the same clients as you are. These three areas are discussed below.

The platform is designed for business owners, not techies. There is no programming required for applications. apps can be embedded into existing websites or Conversion websites and Mobilesites can be used. We have created and tested (A/B Tested) several designs, templates, Call-To-Action, Landing Pages, Promotions, Referral Apps, Google Local-Listings, PPC Campaigns, and Lead Capture Pages for successful conversion for businesses.

Use Over Twenty Applications For Online Marketing For Your Medical Clinic

For businesses like skin care, medical spa, laser skin treatment, MedSpa, and tattoo removal, over twenty applications like CRM, Contact Manager, applications, website, search optimizations, and email marketing work together. No need to assemble dozens of apps and waste your time trying to figure out the best practices. We have done it for you, no assembly required.

We have many businesses like yours who are using the system to get new leads, convert leads to customers, and build on going relationships with existing customers to grow their business.

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As an example, Cara Mia Medspa in Lake Zurich, IL  has built a solid business using the platform.

Three Key Areas For Your Online Business Success:

1. Professional Online Business Presence
2. Targeted Online Advertising
3. Online Sales & Marketing Apps

1. Professional Online Business Presence

Simply put, your business must be present on the Internet with a proper website and mobilesite and should have your original unique content. There are more mobile phones than computers, but majority of businesses do not have an intelligent mobilesite. Social Media is changing the landscape for consumers and businesses. Some things to consider:

A.  Business Website and Mobilesite
B.  Social Media Apps
C.  Intelligent Apps for Web Conversion

2. Targeted Online Advertising

You can have the best looking website and mobilesite, but if you do not tell the world that you exist, no one will notice you. As a business owner you MUST advertise. There are many ways to gain new online customers. Search advertising is a good place to start, but it is only a starting point. There are endless “things” you can do to advertise on the Internet. However, there is no free lunch, and advertising will either cost you $$$ or effort, or both. Remember online success is a process – and it will require constant attention. Some strategies to consider:

A.  Paid Ads / Pay-Per-Click Ads / Targeted Display Ads / Social Media Ads
B.  Local Reviews / Local Listings
C.  SEO Optimizations based on Unique Content
D.  Inbound Lead Generation Applications

3. Online Sales & Marketing Apps

This is one area that separates top performers from the mid-pack. One unique thing about top performers in any industry is that they are doing more with less and are already doing something that the rest of the industry is thinking about doing. Here are some PatientGain business applications to consider for your online business success:

A.  Simple Cloud Based CRM / Contact Manager
B. Website Content Manager
C. Automated Customer Communications Platform
D. Automated Reviews Apps
E. Conversion Landing Pages with Call-To-Action
F.  Referral Marketing Apps For Tutors
G. Automated Email Marketing (Data Driven)
H. Automated Promotions Apps For Tutoring Business
I.  Automated Responses / Lead Nurturing Apps
J.  Online Appointments
K. Online Payment Apps
L.  Phone Leads Tracking and Alerts
M.  Blogging Apps
N.  Tutor Skill Set Capture App

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