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Top Medical Practices Use This System And It Costs $499/Mon. Proven Marketing System Uses 20 HIPAA Compliant Apps.

Twenty-first-century Americans want an ATM on every corner, a Starbucks on every block, grocery stores 2 minutes’ drive from home, cell phones that setup appointments for them, gas stations that serve fresh coffee and bagels, and now the latest change (with the help of ACA), Walk-In-Clinics at every corner, close to Starbucks. And they want doctors who show up on time, and polite receptionists at the front desk. They are also exercising their right of free speech to post their experience on the internet, social media, YELP and Google Reviews. And this is just ONE area of online medical healthcare marketing.

Executing a comprehensive Online Medical Marketing For Doctors  means your clinic has to utilize a lot of software tools and marketing consultants. Medical practices typically have to work with four to eight different vendors to coordinate and manage their efforts on the Internet. Keeping up with the constantly changing online landscape is hard enough, and when you have to get strategy advice and execution from multiple companies it become an even bigger headache. addresses this by providing a proven Medical Marketing Platform. This medical marketing platform is used by nations top clinics as well as single locations.

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Ethical Medical Marketing and Advertising

Many doctors question if it is ethical to advertise. Some focus on patient referrals only, while others have taken some small steps to promote their practice. Most doctors are not sure if advertising, and specially online advertising or marketing, will produce results for their practice. Some doctors have created a website for their practice, and others have worked to acquire limited traffic to their website. However, these limited efforts simply don’t produce results, and as a result thousands of practices across the country struggle to fill their calendar.

Results From Online SEO For Primary Care Physician

Review of a real customer.  Location is east coast – mid-level competition. Doctor Jones has been in practice for the last 13 years. Her focus has been Primary Care, Internal Medicine and general wellness with focus on Diabetic patients.  However, since last 3 years, multiple clinics have opened within her 5 mile radius. In addition, two Urgent Care clinics have also impacted her business. In the past all she had to do was to advertise in local yellow pages, few referral practices and business had grown due to her excellent focus on patient care. Due to competition, her average patient count had steadily decreased from 30 patients a day to 22.

In this case, Doctor Jones had to focus on new patient acquisition.  She searched online for “online advertising for doctors” and found as the first organic listing on Google. She signed up for’s GOLD Service for $499/mon.

The results and ROI have been as follows:

Nov 2016 – Go live with new website, along with 20 apps embedded in the new Medical Marketing website.  135 phone calls received in the first month.  116 unique phone calls.

Dec 2016 – 434 phone calls received in the 2nd month.  388 unique phone calls.

Jan 2017 – 621 phone calls received in the 3rd month.  534 unique phone calls.

Feb 2017 – 518 phone calls received in the 4th month.  419 unique phone calls.

Mar 2017 – 599 phone calls received in the 5th month.  450 unique phone calls.

Apr 2017 – 697 phone calls received in the 6th month.  541 unique phone calls.

May 2017 – 801 phone calls received in the 7th month.  643 unique phone calls.

By the end of 7th month, Doctor Jones had achieved her target of 30 patients per day.   Mission accomplished. 

Ethical Medical Advertising
Online Reputation Management for Doctors
Medical Practice Online Marketing

Integrated Medical Marketing Platform

Fragmented Online Medical Healthcare Marketing VS Integrated Platform

Many clinics spend dozens of hours each month working with their software vendors, web designers, social media consultants, email marketing providers, and online advertising. Spending numerous hours of clinic staff time, and thousands of dollars of clinic revenue, on multiple vendors is simply not an efficient way to market your clinic online. Luckily, is here to help.’s comprehensive solutions help your clinic save both time and money by eliminating the need utilize and manage multiple providers to run your online strategy. Our Healthcare Platform offers all the tools and medical marketing expertise your clinic needs to improve its patient acquisition and patient engagement, all within one cloud-based platform. Clinic owners and practice managers can usually save 32 hours a month, and increase their daily patient counts, by using’s GOLD and PLATINUM packages.’s intelligent apps make running all your initiatives online a streamlined process, automating most tasks so that your clinic’s staff can focus on what they do best: treating patients.

Integrated Medical Marketing Platform
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At we have achieved great success for our customers. We have also learned that success rule of 80/20 still applies in online reputation for doctors and clinics. There are hundreds of online reputation sites. More than 80% of your success is likely to come from Google Reviews and YELP Reviews.  Other review sites are still useful to your clinic’s online strategy, but much less so than these two. All other sites, Healthgrades & Vitals and several others, are good sites but if your strategy to be the dominant medical practice in your target area, recommends your should should focus on Google Reviews first – Achieve 100 Reviews with 4.5 ranking or higher, then Yelp and Facebook, and then others. You will see the best results by using this plan.

So what should be your strategy?  Should you have a simple app that allows to capture reviews from patients as they are about to leave your practice?  Should you send them surveys?  Unfortunately these techniques may work on a limited number of reputation sites, but the most important reputation sites, Google and Yelp, their algorithms are likely to filter or  blacklist your patient reviews if they are all being submitted from the same computer, same IP address, or same location. It is easy to track originating reviews and testimonials. So if its too easy, it is likely to have an adverse effect on your reputation, rather than increasing your reputation.

Content Marketing for Physicians & Healthcare Practices

What is content & why is it important

1) Text, words and sentences – useful information for the reader.
2) Images with relevant tags and links
3) Videos, diagrams, and other visual aids that support the main headings, sub headings and actual paragraph text.

This information is consumed by your prospect and existing patients in the form of Website pages, Blogs, Facebook Posts, Email Newsletters, Images on Instagram, Feeds on Twitter, SMS text messages on mobile devices.  Hence your medical marketing content should be interesting, attractive, useful, and provide value to your prospect patient or an existing patient. Unique quality content on your own website is the single most important factor for higher SEO rankings for doctors and medical practices.

Online Medical Marketing Mobile Devices


Summary for Online Success For Doctors

These 6 steps are proven to add value for hundreds of medical practices. There are many other steps you can take to further improve your strategy. Monthly Email Marketing is another strategy, among many others.  Contact us so we can help you and view details GOLD package here.

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