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Medical Marketing Services and Prices. Starting From $100/mon. Typical Pricing is $500/mon to $999/mon For  Services and Apps.

Each client and medical practice is different, so PatientGain offers a flexible pricing model for your medical clinic. Starting from $100 per month, to $999 per month. There are no long contracts and no setup fees for subscription plans. Hundreds of successful medical practices all over US and Canada use the same services. 

À la Carte  Medical Marketing Apps

À la Carte Medical Marketing Apps

Complete list is here. Most popular apps are these:

1. Intelligent Conversion ChatBot app (from $100/month)
2.  2 Way Texting For Healthcare Marketing (from $199/month)
3. Social Media posting bundle (from $399/month)
4. Monthly Email Marketing with 2 blogs per month. (from $199/mon)
5. Advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram

Why you should choose this option? If you already have a good website, and good SEO rankings, you simply need more intelligence and medical marketing apps, to be added to your current website.

À la Carte  Medical Marketing Apps

New Patient Acquisition Solution = Medical Marketing + Website + SEO + HIPAA Compliance – Pay Monthly – No Upfront Costs – GOLD Solution (from $599/mon)

1. Complete solution includes website, SEO, apps, and project manager
2. WordPress based top performing website includes hosting on top Google Cloud platform for wordpress
3. Google SEO Optimized  Website
4. A/B Tested design
5. Advertising cost on Google, Facebook, Instagram is additional – Simple 12% Flat Fee Pricing
6. Project Manager and Account Manager
7. 20 Key apps and features  

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Medical Marketing Custom Website

Medical Marketing Custom Website  –  New Medical Website – $4000 to $9000 One Time Setup on WordPress 

1. Custom design for your website costs $4000 to $9000 one time cost for a single location medical practice
2. We only work on WordPress – we have tried many platforms, and WordPress is the most robust, complete and easily maintainable platform
3. Large websites for many locations and hospitals typically cost $50,000 to $100,000 one time cost
4. If you are a medical platform business, where you are servicing hundreds of patients per day/per week and you have many providers, then it is a custom project and typical pricing is $50,000 to $100,000 one-time setup fees.
5. Unique quality content is provided for long term SEO

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Medical Marketing Websites Bronze Service

Simple Start Medical Website Setup $399/mon. Bronze Service Designed For Solo Doctors and Medical Providers. Reduced Pricing With Limited Apps. 

1. Wordpress website setup by professional team
2. Project Manager 
3. Google SEO optimized website
4. A/B Tested design
5. Advertising cost on Google, Facebook, Instagram is additional – Simple 12% Flat Fee Pricing
7. 5 Key apps and features included 

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À la Carte  Medical Marketing Apps

Medical SEO Solution – Pay Monthly – No Upfront Costs  (from $500/mon) – Improve Your Existing Website

1. Content based long term SEO
2. New SEO content created every month
3. Quality content is the foundation of your long term SEO
4. Shortcuts to medical SEO
5. Project manager helps you each month
6. Guidance is provided

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