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Simple to Implement Medical Practice Marketing Plan $599/mon

Results driven medical practice marketing plan should be easy to implement and must be automated. It should based on successful samples and templates so there is no room for trial and error for your medical practice. data shows that out of a sample of 3450 Medical Clinics in USA, only 4.3 percent clinics have a results driven online patient engagement marketing plan to gain a competitive advantage. If you are using software that is based on data mining & data driven results based strategies, then you are likely to benefit immensely. Majority of the medical clinics are simply using a static website with few links to patient portal, and may be a local web company managing non-intelligent but pretty website.

There are 2 important aspects to a Medical Practice Marketing Plan:

  1. Offline – Traditional Marketing 
  2. Online – Modern Online Patient Acquisition Strategy 

They are both important. However due to patient behavior and use of internet and especially mobile devices,’s data shows that 85% of your focus should be on Online Medical Marketing and Online Advertising for Medical Practices.

Medical Practice Marketing Plan

Medical Practice Marketing Plan’s Medical Practice Marketing Plan is not focused on technology, but on results. It covers four key areas:

No. 1) Targeted online advertising for Patient Acquisition
No. 2) Software along with online and medical industry expertise for Patient Retention
No. 3) Effective communication and online marketing for Patient Engagement
No. 4) Applications that track advertising and marketing strategies for low Patient Acquisition costs has run thousands of online campaigns for patient acquisition and patient engagement for medical clinics with typical patient acquisition costs anywhere from $6 to $26 per new patient in most US areas. Cloud based HIPAA compliant software is simple to use and easy to manage. Free responsive HIPAA compliant and Google optimized medical website is always included. Patient healthcare costs are a big concern, however as a practice owner or a practice manager, your concern should be on acquiring patients who can pay for the services you provide.

Medical Marketing Plan

Simplified Medical Marketing

Medical clinics all across the country typically go through 4 to 8 vendors to have a complete online success. As internet technology is constantly changing, it is very difficult to manage multiple online software companies, web designers, social media, Email marketing and online advertising.

In order to increase your clinic’s patient count, and the revenue from each patient you service, you need intelligent software behind your website, and a strategy that’s been proven to be successful for leading healthcare clinics across the US.

Healthcare Online Marketing Strategy

72 Percent of the patients pay attention to online reviews for medical practices.

Understanding how patients really feel about their visit with your clinic is critically important to maintaining a high caliber, patient centric practice. The system provides a post clinic visit, patient satisfaction component, sending a quick response “How did we do” inquiry to the patient. If the patient responds positively, they are then asked to provide you with a rewarding, positive online review. All reviews are tracked internally within your system for quick and easy analysis and reference.

Having expended considerable cost and effort to generate a first time patient visit, how best to re-engage with that patient effectively and on an automated basis so as to stay top of mind at their next need for a retail clinic visit? The system incorporates a patient reengagement application making reaching out to your entire patient database on a monthly basis an easy, efficient and automated opportunity, not the traditional chore that never happens.

Healthcare Online Marketing Strategy Reputation Management Software

Medical Practice Marketing Plan Using SEO Content Strategies

Achieving top SEO rankings for doctors and medical practices is a process and not a simple one-time setup. It is time-intensive, requires deep knowledge about your own business and Search Engine technology, costs both money and time to get real results, and it never stops for your business.  Read more about Medical Marketing Using SEO Strategies.

Your target audience is Search Engines and Potential Patients – They are both equally important. Your content should be designed to attract both.

Content is the King – 6 Things to Consider for your SEO Strategy

Focus on content that benefits your prospect and existing patients. This means that  unique, quality content on your own website/mobile site is the king – Content means Text, Images, Tags, Keywords, Videos, Video tags – This is useful information that your prospects and customers can benefit from. Mention and focus on benefits and results that you offer for your customers, show examples, and show reviews and patient feedback. You should have your patient services, offers, specials, and promotions on your website to entice new customers. Create pages that lead a visitor to request more information, and capture their email, phone number etc. Make sure to constantly add new content and keep your website interesting for potential leads, and list your business in appropriate directories so it’s discoverable. Page speed can be an important factor ( according to Google ).  HTTPS – Secure encryption hosting of your site can be an important factor ( according to Google ). There are hundreds of “small” factors, but recommends that your contents still the most important factor. Here are additional content related items you should focus on. This list is designed so you understand that your have 2 audiences No 1. Humans (your patients)   2. Search Engines.

Item no 1. Age of the domain/website.  If your website has been on WWW for 3 years and Google, Bing, Yahoo have catalogued your website ( even if you do not have good rankings – and you are on page 3 ) you are better off working and improving this site than creating a brand new URL/domain.  Age matters – in this case its like wine – older = better chances for improving SEO.

Item no 2. Layout of the website.  Proper tags, construction, H1, H2 and paragraph text matters.  Every page should be created with care, love and attention.  Best results have been achieved by  have proper H1, H2, Images ( with proper tags ) and paragraph text. Followed by sub-headings, paragraph text, with images mixed.

Item no 3. Content of each page. Copied or plagiarized content is like shooting yourself.  If you must have copied content, you should have “NOFOLLOW” tags.  This tells search engines to ignore the page. Humans (your patients) can still read the pages, but search engines should ignore it.

Item no 4. Content of Google My Business page. Your Google My Business (GMB) is extremely important. There are additional 11 steps are required to make sure that your GMB page is effective. Once this is done, then do the exact same steps for Facebook Business Page and then Yelp listing page.  The information on these 3 directories should mirror what is on your website.

Item no 5. Content of Social Media. For doctors and medical practices, Facebook is still the no 1 source of  new patient leads (not counting Google Search). Facebook, Yelp, Linkedin and Yahoo/Bing are very good places to make sure listings and reviews are showing up.

Item no 6. Content of  your online Reviews. For doctors and medical practices, patient reviews can either make you a hero or a zero. So number of positive reviews matter to patients but for search engines, what is written by patients matters.  There 12 steps we recommend you should follow for maximizing positive reviews and minimizing negative reviews.

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