PatientGain Live Chat for Doctors

PatientGain Live Chat App for Doctors and Medical Practices Pricing $99/mon to $199/mon 

Over 82 percent of patients visit your website from a mobile device. Delight your patients by giving your website visitors an easy way to ask questions and set up an appointment.

This PatientGain’s Live Chat app helps practices grow practices and increase new patient acquisition from your website. These days majority of your patients are mobile. They also want to be communicated to using mobile devices. Texting and Live-Chat is an indispensable tool for your medical practice.  Delight your patients by giving your website visitors an easy way to ask questions and set up an appointment. They want to chat or text with you.

PatientGain’s Live Chat app allows you to interact with potential and existing patients 4 different ways:

1. Live Chat – Human person, like your staff answers the chat from a desktop or an iPhone app.

2. Text/SMS Responses – You can “chat” with a patient by back-and-forth texting/SMS messages. 

3. Chat-Bot – Is available 24 by 7 to answer common questions for your web visitor patients. 

4. Online Appointment Requests Integrated – Patient can easily decide to request an appointment 


Live chat app that allows you to chat directly with your website patient visitors. Hence your medical practice can benefit in several ways.

8 benefits of live chat app for a medical website: 

  1. Immediate responses to patient questions
  2. Reduced call load – each time your staff answers a call from patient it costs you between $6 to $11 per call (industry cost of answering a phone call in a medical clinic. 
  3. Increased patient loyalty 
  4. Increased patient service
  5. Engage more patients 
  6. Convert more patients
  7. Service and serve more patients 
  8. Even returning or existing patients will appreciate a live-chat app on your website

Consider this : Live chat has the highest customer satisfaction levels at 73%, as compared to 61% for email support and only 44% for traditional phone support.

6 Pillars of Online Advertising for Physicians:

1.  Local SEO – Local Directories & Maps

2.  Organic SEO – Top Google Search Results

3.  Speech SEO – Patients are “Speaking” to Devices

4.  Google Advertising – Search PPC, Display and Remarketing Ads

5.  Facebook & Instagram Advertising – Many Variations

6.  Geo-Fencing, Location Based Advertising (Includes In-App Ads)


Examples of Online Advertising 

3 Key Elements of Facebook Marketing For Physicians

It is easy to be confused by how and when to use Facebook platform for medical marketing. There are 3 key areas for Facebook marketing.

No 1.  Facebook Posting 

Facebook posting allows you to engage with patients who like your Business Page. We have seen very good results for physicians and medical practices who provide useful information about their services.  Facebook Posts are designed for engagement and it takes a significant amount of time and money to develop a healthy following using Facebook Posts for doctors.

No 2.  Facebook Apps

Facebook apps appear at the left column of your Facebook Business Page. They allow you to engage with patients who visit your Business Page. In a way, Facebook Business Page is evolving to be a simple website for your medical practice.  So each tab or the app can be used to capture leads, book appointments,  show your promotions to your patients. We have seen very good results for physicians and medical practices who provide HIPAA compliant apps on Facebook Business Page.

No 3.  Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising costs extra, and this is how Facebook as a company makes money. Just like Google advertising, Facebook advertising can be very effective to attract new patients to your practice. We have seen very good results for physicians and medical practices who advertise their services. 


Healthcare Advertising VS Healthcare Marketing

Many healthcare professionals confuse Healthcare Advertising  with Healthcare Marketing.

Advertising is just ONE of the many “things”, “programs” or “techniques” launched to achieve a successful Marketing Program.  So Medical advertising is one, but very important part of Medical Marketing for a practice.  For example if you are a pediatric physician with focus on urgent care for children, and your goal is to acquire more patients, you may want to “market” your practice in 20 mile radius for potential parents of patients who may seek Pediatric Urgent Care.  For this effort you would typically  have many things to do :

Step 1: Sign for the building
Step 2: Business cards
Step 3: Doctor’s bio printed and promoted to local primary care physicians
Step 4: Providing free “meet-and-greet” for parents of potential pediatric patients
Step 5: Collaboration with local schools for “low-cost” physicals for school athletes 
Step 6: Mail drop in 5 mile radius using USPS mail and flyers for parents of potential pediatric patients
Step 7: Networking with other local businesses close to your own location
Step 8: Using social media campaigns
Step 9: Making the lobby of the clinic a pleasing place for parents of potential pediatric patients and for children
Step 10: Referral program to market using existing for parents of potential pediatric patients
Step 11: Launching your online strategy to market your practice
Step 12: Offline advertising offline for your healthcare practice
Step 13: Online Advertising for your healthcare practice

Healthcare Advertising Defined

Advertising for doctors can be offline or online. Offline advertising for doctors refers to Billboards, Newspapers, Paper Yellow Pages, Ads in Cinemas, Radio Ads.  

Online Advertising for doctors refers to advertising focused on internet based mediums. For example:

  1. Google search advertsing
  2. Facebook display ads
  3. SEO / Search Engine Optimizations
  4. Website conversion techniques to improve the actual patients generation from your website
  5. Advertising on Instagram 
  6. Email marketing
  7. SMS/Text based marketing
  8. Display advertising is a proven medical marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.

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