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Top Features of Best Website Design for Doctors

12 Important Features for Best Conversion Sites for Doctors and Medical Practices.  Call 888-600-4172

A Lead Conversion Website for doctors is different from an ECommerce or an Informational website – it is designed to be precise and with a specific purpose – To Generate Leads for a specific service or product, so it should:

1. Generate New Leads
2. Auto-Respond to Lead Inquiries
3. Store Leads & Auto-Follow-Up
4. Include Lead-To-Customer Software Apps

There should be many key strategies, techniques and technologies embedded in a Lead Conversion Website. However, there are 5 simple mistakes that can be easily avoided by business owners when designing a new business conversion website.

1. Keep the site navigation simple – keep the most important information on the top of the website – too many navigation options = less leads

2. Provide “just enough” information on your website/landing pages – do not give ALL the information on the site

3. Do not use any Call-To-Action that drives the prospect away from your website

4. If a video is used, keep it short and to the point

5. Keep the capture form with basic/just enough information – do not try to capture a “survey”

In addition, look for key features like below:

icon46-60Design your Website for Conversion – Specific landing pages targeted towards specific actions.

Do not add ALL INFORMATION about your product/service. Leave your “secret sauce” out — Let prospective customers call you or fill out a form. Your business not only needs a professional website, it must also be able to convert the visitors to prospects and eventually, customers.

Your website should cater to the customer/prospect that is likely to generate the most revenue for your business. It needs to be on-brand and should have relevant unique content so that your site visitors engage your website and then convert into a valid lead!

Each of the designs/templates have been optimized for conversion, ease of use and proper navigation, and above all designed for Call-To-Action (CTA)

Concise & SIMPLE – Mobile Business Conversion Website With Easy To Use Content Management System & Click-To-Dial

Website Online Advertising For Business Services & Products is a “must have” for any business.

Add Phone Leads Tracking to your Converison Website

Link & Connect your Conversion Website to Email Marketing & Email Campaigns

Make sure that you get alerts from your Conversion Website as key activity takes place

Leads from your Conversion Website are loaded into Contact Manager / CRM Leads from your Conversion Website are loaded into Contact Manager / CRM

Website lead data goes into List Manager

Website has Auto-Responders

Conversion Website is totally integrated with Social Media like Facebook, and Social Media apps add lead & like data to your Conversion Website automatically

Business Website can Accept Online Payments On Your Website / Without Leaving Your Website, and payment information is stored in CRM for automated follow up

Website encourages Positive Google & Yelp Reviews. Conversion Websites has dedicated pages and apps for Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews

Website has blogging capability. Your blog posts are automatically syndicated to Social Media

Website allows your prospects and customers to book Online Appointments with your team. Alerts are created and automatic follow-up is triggered. Leads are stored in your CRM

You should be able to create Custom Landing Pages without the help of IT or Webmaster. Sample Read-To-Go pages are present for your use

Website allows you to easily create Custom Forms. Leads from the custom forms is added to CRM and automatic follow-up can be easily setup with few settings and clicks

Conversion Website for B2B – Business-To-Business sales, must have EBook Lead Capture pages

Website captures event specific leads and then sends EPost Cards. Event management is integrated to your CRM and auto-responders are integrated

Conversion Website should have some type of promotions & specials – even if it is “Free Consultation”

Conversion Website offers referral app to your existing customer base

Website is secure, fast and has backup built into it. All of the above & several other features are included in the GOLD package by

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