How To Hire a Good Medical SEO Company

How To Hire a Good Medical SEO Company – According to Google

Very good video by Google SEO staff, that SEO is not a black magic, it is based on algorithms and there are no human beings setting in the back rooms of Google trying to change the rankings of your medical website.  This video also covers what type of questions you can ask of medical SEO companies. How long does it take start seeing improvements from SEO efforts?  It can take  from a few weeks to several months before you will see any improvements. The true benefit if SEO is long term.  According to Google SEO staff, medical marketing companies and agencies should set proper expectations for healthcare customers.

According to Google SEO Staff – 4 Step Process

Summary and additional steps added.  Video is located here. 

1. Conduct a 2 way meeting – meaning Q & A session – so you can ask questions and

2. Check references and actual work of the medical SEO company.  Check their own SEO – so if the company provides   “seo for medical practices”  or  “local seo for doctors” search this term on Google and see if they show up first page of Google search – You can also try “online advertising for doctors”,  “medical marketing for doctors” etc.  This will help you determine if the medical seo company can help you.  Also ask them to show you the seo of some of their own customers – Stay away from pre-canned reports or rankings that show “how bad” your own rankings are.  These are sales techniques.

3. Have a 3rd party do a search audit ( usually you have to pay for this and costs $500 to $2000) one time cost. It works as follows.  Lets suppose you have a medical practice that specializes in “allergy and asthma”  conditions.  Ask for a similar example – and have a 3rd party do an analysis of this existing website.  Ask the medical seo company – 1) how long it took them to get them on first page of Google 2) what specific steps do they typically take for seo improvements 3) make sure never sign-up with anyone who has more than a few months of contract – max 6 months.

4. Decision to hire – NO YEARLY OR LONGER CONTRACTS.  We highly recommend, not signing up with medical seo company, if there are 1 year or longer contracts.

SEO Q & A  – How long does it take to start seeing results from medical SEO?

Answer: It takes 4 months to 1 year to start seeing benefits of SEO and improvements in rankings.  Read more.

Good Example of SEO for Doctors

In this example below, a prospect patient knows that she needs dental implants. She is searching for “dental implants cost in toledo ohio”.  As a result of the search term either typed or spoken into a device ( read more about Speech SEO for Doctors here ), Google search engine display results. 

Top search results area:  Google’s Paid Ads.   One ad is being displayed at the time this search was completed.

Bottom search results area:  Google’s Organic  Results. Multiple results are displayed. The top 2 belong to a dentist has excellent SEO rankings, and using’s GOLD Service

Organic Result 1: “Dental Implant Costs” in the heading should get the patient’s attention. Also notice that Google reviews rankings are also displayed. This is all by design and strategy, it is no accident. 

Organic Result 2: “Affordable Dental Implants” in the heading should ALSO get the patient’s attention. Also notice that Google reviews rankings are also displayed.  By having 2 top results, it is very likely that a targeted patient will click on the link, and will land on the website’s specific page, designed  as a landing and conversion page. This landing page should have useful information about dental implants in Toledo OH. This page should also have tracking enabled, and should be connected to : 

  1. HIPAA Compliant CRM
  2. Call tracking
  3. Texting/SMS Chat-Bot enabled using AI
  4. Lead Capture form – Should be HIPAA Compliant
  5. Once a request is sent or conversation started using phone or Texting/SMS, “Auto Responders” should thank the patient for sending the inquiry. 

8 Reasons Why Content Is Important. 

Your Content Is the Single Most Important Factor in Your Online Success. 

1. Content defines your brand.
2. Content expresses who you are, how you conduct your business.
3. Content is read by the Search Engines – and this results in GOOD or POOR rankings – You should NEVER copy content from another site.  Checking ideas from other websites is OK, but copying content is like shooting yourself in the foot.
4. Content can make your marketing flourish.
5. Content can make your advertising irresistible.
6. Social media loves GOOD content.
7. Email marketing with good quality content will give you higher open-rates.
8. Best of all – Patients LOVE Useful content. is a certified premier google partner for healthcare.

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