Doctor SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Doctor SEO (Search Engine Optimization) VS Online  Advertising

If a medical practice or doctor has excellent SEO rankings, does she still needs to do online advertising?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process and it takes a lot of time and quite a bit of money. SEO is complex and there are dozens of steps involved to help a doctor or medical practice achieve high rankings on search engines, namely Google search engine.

On The other hand, online advertising does not take long to start seeing results. Using proper proven techniques, domain knowledge, your online campaign starts producing results in the first week.

Online advertising and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  are related and similar tactics, however they overlap with each other and are different. Many online advertising experts will argue that they compliment each other. We agree.

Even with top SEO rankings for your medical practice,  SEO cannot replace online advertising, specially Google adwords (if done properly). Top SEO rankings do not replace online advertising, they complement each other. In the example below, from a real customer. Location of the medical practice is suburban area outside  major US city on the west coast, with medium competition.  They have excellent medical SEO rankings for all of the major services. In the figure below, during the month of Dec, Jan and Feb – online advertising is active with a budget of $1000 per month (80% Google, 20% Facebook Ads) – You can see the number of “new patient” leads is 753 new leads – total of 3 months. Now compare this with March, April and May  – With no online advertising  is 408 new leads during the 3 month period.  The difference is  345 less leads.

SEO Based Medical Marketing ROI Calculated – Example

Based on existing data, conversion rate is 34% of new inquiries are converted to patients, this means 117 new patients are lost.

If each patient’s initial visit is $312  with a lifetime value of each patient is $4000 – this means that :

Initial revenue of $36,504 is lost and lifetime value with 70% retention rate, $327,600 is lost  by not running online advertising.

So conclusion is that yes, SEO is extremely important for your online success, but you should also consider online advertising, specifically, Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

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Measurement of Medical SEO 

There are many automated tools available to provide you rankings of your keywords and of your website. However we have found that they use generic algorithms and are not accurate or dependable. As ranking algorithms from Google change more often than tools can “simulate” actual rankings. Our approach is based on automation and validation by an SEO expert, who makes decisions based on conversion factors also.  What this means is that every keyword has a different conversion. Plus every landing page has a different conversion. Origin of search matters also.  For example a patient searching for a specific treatment from a mobile device is likely to respond to your ads, page title listing differently than a patient searching for a specific treatment from a desktop device. Mobile user, if lands on your webpage needs to have a fully optimized mobile page with focus on immediate communication. For example if this patient was offered a Texting/SMS option, the conversion rate goes up by 14 percentage. Another example is more an more patients are “speaking to devices” like Siri and Alexa. The search terms used by humans when they speak are different than the ones “typed” into a device. 

We have measured and run hundreds of A/B tests for mobile patients looking for treatment. This data gives PatientGain a competitive advantage.

8 Strategies That Work for Physician Marketing

  1. Awesome website – must be intelligent and focused on conversion. Intelligence means conversion tracking CRM for your website. 88 percent of the patients looking for medical services will contact you by calling you or simply finding you on a map. Medical chatbots are extremely important also. we see 6 percentage to 8 percentage increase in conversions by using intelligent medical chatbots on medical websites. Conversion apps that use geo or location based information and guide a patient to your medical practice, without sending the patient to a competitor, asl increase your conversions. Having a an accurate Google maps listing is very helpful. To read more about Conversion Websites for doctors,  please click here.
  2. Google SEO Optimizations for specific keywords, like  “Urgent Care OKC” – in this case a patient is looking for an Urgent Care in Oklahoma City. To read more about SEO for doctors  please click here.
  3. Google Local Optimizations. To read more about  LOCAL SEO for doctors  please click here.
  4. Content of the website. To read more about Content Marketing for doctors  please click here.
  5. PPC Advertising (specifically Google PPC). To read more about PPC for doctors  please click here.
  6. Facebook Advertising. To read more about Facebook Advertising for doctors  please click here.
  7. Monthly Email Marketing. To read more about Email Marketing for doctors  please click here.
  8. Patient Reviews Marketing & Reputation Management – Minimize negative reviews, Maximize positive reviews. To read more about Reputation Management for doctors  please click here. is a proven medical marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.

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