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Dental Website Design Companies in California

Questions asked by dental practice managers and dentists 1) Does the design of my dental website impact patients? Answer is YES. 

Generally there are 6 type dentist specialities. Each practice many have multiple specialties. For example a family dentistry in Palo Alto California has been in business for 22 years. They have grown over the years. They have a pediatric dentist, an orthodontist, owner specializes in Invisalign, a specialist who focuses on TMJ, and an endodontist. So they call themselves a “family dental practice”. This term is very generic. The main difference in the website design strategies the audience of the dental practice, and services offered by each dental practice. Yoru dental website design company should also have a deep understanding how to promote and attract potential patients to your dental practice.

There are generally 6 type of dentists in USA.  1) Endodontist – Root Canal Specialist   2) Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon 3) Orthodontist – Alignment Specialist 4) Pediatric Dentist  5) Periodontist – Gum Specialist  6) Prosthodontist – Replacement Specialist

Question No 1: Does the website design impact new patient acquisition?

Answer: Yes! by far the best investment you can make is in high quality SEO optimized marketing website. In this specific case, dental marketing website. Design of the dental website is very import component of the online healthcare marketing.

Question No 2: What are the key components of the dental clinic website design?

Answer: Key components are 1) Visual layout  2) Content  3) Technical aspects 4) A/B Testing for conversion  5) Intelligence and applications. All of these apply to mobile dental website also.

Question No 3: What is A/B testing of a dental clinic website design called?

Answer: It is often referred to as “split testing”. 

Question No 4: What is A/B tested dental marketing websites?

Answer: A/B testing is a common practice among software based marketing applications – in our case it is dental marketing websites.  It is a way to compare two versions of dental marketing websites to arrive at a conclusion, based on data, not based on opinion,  which of the 2 designs performs better. The test continues with multiple cycles until law of diminishing returns starts influencing a specific test.  This is an ongoing process and never stops in the world on dental  marketing and data driven results.   For example, in our testing we found that it makes a big difference, where specific buttons are placed on the home page or a landing page of a dental marketing website.  It also makes a big difference what the user sees first, specifically on a mobile device.  For example the layout and user experience was kept the same in specific A/B tests, the only thing that was changed  was how the images were formatted, branded VS non-branded generic images.  There is a difference in results, based on hundreds and thousands or iterations of tests performed.  

Question No 5: Do the A/B tested designs perform better for conversion?

Answer: Yes! By far the biggest improvement you can do to your design is A/B testing. 

Question No 6: Does it cost extra to have  A/B tested ?

Answer: Yes! It can cost few thousand dollars, depending on complexity and number of iterations and changes you would make.

Question No 7: What is the cost ?

Answer: It is included if you use GOLD or PLATINUM service from PatientGain. It is extra cost if you use custom package. 

Example of A/B Tested Dental Marketing Website

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6 Key healthcare automation apps for your medical and dental practice 

1. Medical ChatBot App for your website 

Simply, from the view of a doctor or a medical practice manager, a chatbot is nothing more than software based on AI algorithms (Artificial Intelligence)  that will perform automatic tasks within given parameters. The “Chat” part of a Chatbot indicates that it is primarily designed to interact and chat with patients and potential patients. Since our chatbot works in the healthcare industry, it is a Medical Chatbot. A medical chatbot is designed to have a conversation or a discussion with a real human/patient. Depending on how the person responds or chats with the bot, it will return answers as programed into it.  PatientGain’s IntelliBot software is also integrated with a HIPAA compliant CRM, so your communications are stored in a HIPAA compliant database. 

Read more about intelligent medical ChatBots

2. 2-Way Patient Communication Using Texting/SMS 

Patients Read 97% of Text Messages. Engage them from your website. Capture leads and add them to your HIPAA compliant CRM automatically.  71% to 88% of your patients are mobile. They are browsing on their cell phones and visiting your website. They also prefer to communicate with you using texting/SMS. Convert more new patients and engage with existing patients. No long term contracts and easy start.  92% of Mobile Users Prefer Texting/SMS. This app provides you with technology based competitive advantage. Better patient communication is equal to better outcomes and more new patients.

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3. Internet Advertising For Dentists, Doctors & Physicians 

Most Doctors Ask Us: Do I Need to Advertise? The Quick Answer is Yes, if You Want to Compete Online With Your Competitors.
As a practice manager, you have to focus on 1. Offline traditional advertising and 2. Internet online advertising. As majority of the patients search for medical services online, healthcare advertising for doctors using the internet is on the rise. We highly recommend online advertising for 99 percent of healthcare medical practices. Our data shows consistent increase in patient count and overall business improvement. In some cases we have to stop online advertising for our customers (physicians & medical practice) reason : they could not handle the volume of new patients.

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4. Appointment Scheduling App for Doctors 

Your patients love convenience. With online appointment scheduling, it’s never been easier for them to quickly find a medical provider, and set-up a time to be seen. By including appointment scheduling apps on your clinic’s website, your patients can easily see your availability, and pick out a time that works for them. Patients who find your website online are more likely to visit you when they can quickly and easily schedule a visit online.  This app is integrated with Google, Facebook, Instagram Ads, and HIPAA compliant CRM provided by PatientGain.  

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5. Online Reputation Management for Dentists & Doctors

Online reputation management can be a headache or a winning strategy for doctors & healthcare clinics. Only 28 percent of the time it is patient-physician related.  72% of the patients who are unhappy and who post negative feedback on google and yelp are not doing so because of the patient-physician experience; they are unhappy due to billing issues, incorrect deductible payment, rude front desk person, lack of perceived patient focus, improper handling of the paperwork, long wait time or impolite response from a clinic staff member (non-physician). 28% of the time it is patient-physician related.

Let’s face it – as patients leave your medical practice, either they are happy with the service, unhappy or somewhere in the middle. With a little bit of focus and excellent software on your side, you can turn the entire patient experience into a winning strategy for your practice. Unhappy, disgruntled patients can destroy the reputation of a dedicated doctor. So your strategy should be to proactively address this issue.  3 apps are included. 

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6. Social Media Posting App for Dentists and Doctors

Understanding how top medical practices are using the social media is the first step. What type of effort and money should you spend on your social media strategy? should you hire someone to “post” for you? These are common questions we are asked on a daily basis from our healthcare professional customers.
Social Media Content Boost Bundle
1. 5 Instagram Posts Per Week
2. 5 Facebook Posts Per Week
3. 5 Google Posts Per Week
4. 2 Custom Image Creations Per Month
5. 4 Email Campaigns Per Month

Read more about Social Media Content Boost Bundle is a proven dental and medical marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.

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